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These are all limited time offers! And if they weren’t great deals, they wouldn’t be showing up here on The Wisdom Journal!

Great Deal #1

As much as I hate mail in rebates, when you can mail one and get $70 back … yeah, it’s worth it. At Abe’s of Maine, you can get a Sandisk 8-Gigabyte Extreme III SDHC card at the regular price of $50 then use code DS15X to get $15 off resulting in a sale price of $35. But, buy 3 and you’ll get a $70 mail in rebate. Do the math: $105-$70 = $35 for three 8-Gig SDHC cards. Add coupon code LOYALTY10 to take $10 off and pay just $25! That’s only $8.33 per card! This discount expires January 17th!


When you need speed, go with SanDisk Extreme III 20MB/s Edition and get more out of your advanced camera with the world’s fastest SDHC card. Lightning-fast speed gives you professional-grade responsiveness, for the longest consecutive shooting performance

Great Deal #2

Restaurant.com has another great deal for those of you who love their deals. Now yous can take 60% off when you try their new coupon code “EXCLUSIVE”. It can be used on both of their most popular products, Dinner of the Month Club and our $25 Gift Certificates. This offer is valid January 13th through January 19th!

Save 60% off Dinner of the Month Club when you use the code EXCLUSIVE. Valid Now thru 1/19/09.


Use the same code “EXCLUSIVE” and receive a $25 Restaurant.com Gift Certificate for $4.00. That’s a quality restaurant meal for you and someone you love to take out to dinner for 84 percent savings. Remember, save 60% off $25 Gift Certificates by using coupon code EXCLUSIVE and pay only FOUR BUCKS! Valid Now thru 1/19/09.

Great Deal #3

If you’ve thought about forming your own business entity such as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), a subchapter S Corporation, a C Corporation, maybe a professional corporation or non-profit, here’s your chance to do it inexpensively and get some fabulous free software to boot! With every new corporation or LLC formed, MyCorporation will include a FREE download of QuickBooks Simple Start accounting software. Get started today with your New Year’s Goal to start your own company and get FREE QuickBooks Simple Start software with your LLC or Incorporation filing. Easily track sales, create invoices, print checks, and stay ready for tax-time all year long!

Additionally, if you use the coupon code “MYFREE” when you sign up, MyCorporation will waive their $149 service fee. Now THAT’S a deal.

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