7 Things You Never Knew You Didn’t Know About Me

by Ron Haynes

I was tagged by Joe from Simple Debt-Free Finance to write a meme on these seven things.

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7 Things You Never Knew You Didn’t Know About Me

Hmm. This could be difficult. I’ve been pretty open about everything from the 12 things I learned by 42 that I wish I knew at 22 to my worst decision ever to how my identity was stolen so coming up with seven more has made me think, especially after coming up with all the wild things I’ve survived.

But here goes:

1. I’ve written several songs but never published them. Two of them are quite good I’m told. I taught myself how to play the guitar after seeing all the girls swoon over the guitar players at a church camp when I was about 14.

2. I’m not that big of a sports fan (except for SEC Football), but I’m an avid reader of the business section of the newspaper and any business/investment/money book or magazine.

3. I love to be “hands on,” whether that involves cooking, gardening, working on an old car, or building a home.

4. I started the first soccer team at my high school back in 1983. Since then soccer has become one of their largest sports, but back then no one gave it a second thought. I had to handle scheduling games with other schools, transportation of the players, coaching, the whole shebang. I did this as a junior after being cut from the baseball team.

5. I spent a summer in Guatemala after winning a national missions essay scholarship contest. I spent time as a camp counselor near El Lago de Atitlan and then as a painter for a school in Chimaltenango. I was only 17 years old at the time and yes, there was a civil war going on.

6. I majored in finance at The University of Alabama but quit after three years and lost focus. Fifteen years later I went back to finish my college education, majoring in Human Resources Management at Baker College, and then concentrated on marketing for my MBA at The University of North Alabama. I’m still thinking of getting my PhD in Economics.

7. I love to snow ski more than just about any other activity there is. The problem is that the nearest “decent” ski resorts are about 800 miles to the east or 900 miles to the west. I’d move in a heartbeat if the right opportunity came along.

Okay, I spilled the beans on ME, now I’m tagging:

Have fun!

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I joined in the fun.

Thanks for including me. Enjoyed learning more about you.

Positively Present

Thanks for the tag! I’ll be posting my 7 things on Saturday so get excited. PP is opening up and sharing more with the world! You should post your songs on your site! I’m sure your readers would love to read them. :)


Thanks for tagging me! Count me in too. It’s good to know a little more about you.

Joe Morgan

Don’t be so humble in assuming what we know or what we care about….

I never knew about your summer in Guatemala! That sounds like it must have been terrifying -for your parents, if not for you!

Starting a soccer team after being dropped from the baseball team is a classic example of creating a positive opportunity from what might otherwise have seemed a dismal failure. I love it!

Thanks for sharing.

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