I Am Your Worst Enemy

by Ron Haynes

I scoff at the idea of haggling for a better price.

I tell you that it’s no big deal when you get incorrect change at the drive through.

I tell you there’s nothing you can do when you get passed over for a promotion … for the third time this year.

I deride you for “doing the best you can with what you have” and remind you that it probably will never be good enough. So why even try?

I tell you “that’s just the way it is,” when your car insurance rates increase.

I tell you that the doctor probably knows what he’s talking about and you don’t need a second opinion.

I heckle you to “just let it go,” when you know should stand up for yourself.

I tell you you’re not smart enough to understand anything about investing. Forget about it.

I belittle your pathetic attempts at time management. What did you buy that calendar for? You’ll never use it.

I tell you to just roll over when you get denied on your latest health insurance claim.

I tell you you probably can’t finish your degree with your work schedule and it’s not even worth it to try.

I mock you and say, “get over it, there’s nothing you can do,” when your identity is stolen.

I tell you that opening that high yield online savings account isn’t worth your time.

I tell you that creating a budget is more work than it’s worth.

I tell you that debt is normal and an emergency fund is weird.

I ridicule you for even thinking you could get a better rate on your credit card.

I tell you that hard work may pay off in the long run, but procrastination pays off now.

I tell you to stay on the couch and watch one more program.

I jeer at your attempts to learn about life insurance and convince you to put it off one more time.

I tell you to stop caring because no one else seems to.

Who am I?


I am your worst enemy. I suck the life out of your existence. I rob you of pleasure, motivation, direction, and goals. I am the King of all Vices. I take from you all your hopes and dreams and I give you nothing in return but depression and despair, vice and venom, scorn and sneers.

My mortal enemies are ACTION and PURPOSE. They disgust me to no end. Against them I have no power because they present a moving target. Though my aim isn’t very well developed, I never stop shooting the arrows of mockery at them. I also hate their cousins, PLANNING, LOVE, and RESPECT. They always show up after ACTION and PURPOSE have established their GOALS and set into motion a to do list that is easily accomplished.

Trust me, those guys are hard to live with today (but people eventually get used to them). Me? I’m easy to live with NOW, though I may cause a few problems in the future, but hey, we’re friends, right?


About the author

Ron Haynes has written 988 articles on The Wisdom Journal.

The founder and editor of The Wisdom Journal in 2007, Ron has worked in banking, distribution, retail, and upper management for companies ranging in size from small startups to multi-billion dollar corporations. He graduated Suma Cum Laude from a top MBA program and currently is a Human Resources and Management consultant, helping companies know how employees will behave in varying situations and what motivates them to action, assisting firms in identifying top talent, and coaching managers and employees on how to better communicate and make the workplace MUCH more enjoyable. If you'd like help in these areas, contact Ron using the contact form at the top of this page or at 870-761-7881.