Are You Still Only Halfway Finished?

by Ron Haynes


I’m amazed at the number of half constructed homes that have been abandoned by builders, developers, homeowners, even banks. I’ve seen entire subdivisions abandoned, concrete slabs exposed to the elements, plumbing pipes erupting from the ground, rotted framing, and deteriorating roads and driveways. At one point, this home was a bank’s asset, a builder’s goal, and a customer’s dream.

How is your financial house? I hope it doesn’t look like this one: half finished, abandoned, and overgrown with weeds – essentially abandoned. Admittedly, some parts of your financial house may be under construction, but are you still making progress or have you taken a “time out” that shows no sign of ending?

End your time out

What was your original motivation for getting your finances in order?

invest, investor, investing, lending
  • Cut down by collection calls?
  • Weary of the worry?
  • Fearful of the future?
  • Preoccupied by payments?
  • Money monopolizing your mind?

If you’re going to get back on track, you’re going to have to relive those moments.

Avoid lifestyle inflation

It’s easy to fall off the wagon if you’ve hit a certain income level that allows you to more comfortably make those insipid payments, I know it was for me. When I had a little more breathing room, it was very easy to make those minimum payments and use the excess for lifestyle inflation.

But in essence, I was “broke at a different level.” On many occasions I’ve had to refocus my efforts to get rid of debt, save for the future, and make extra money. I had to do it by digging deep and remembering my WHY.

What about you? Are you sitting in a perpetual time out or have you been able to stay on track? Is your house half finished or are you still making real progress?

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