by Ron Haynes

Here is a list of some great blogs I read.

From the Life Skills Network:

My favorite Economics Sites:

Ludwig von Mises Institute.
Here is an excellent web site for those of you who want a deeper understanding of the economic process, and the value of a free market economy. This makes for excellent browsing and is a good antidote to the nonsense you are getting in our media.

The Cato Institute.
A libertarian think tank, highly respected both inside and outside of Washington. Careful … frequent visits to this website can cause you to start thinking about such things as freedom, economic liberty and individual responsibility.

The Heritage Foundation.
Along with the Cato Institute, another of the most respected think tanks in Washington. The website is extensive with references and resources on almost any subject pertaining to governance.

World Net Daily
This is a particular favorite. You can read one of the best collection of columnists on the internet. Usually it’s “no holds barred” in here.

Media Research Center.
Nobody does a better job than Brent Bozell and his MRC staff on researching and illustrating the rancid bias in our mainstream media.

National Center for Policy Analysis.
The NCPA’s goal is to develop and promote private alternatives to government regulation and control, solving problems by relying on the strength of the competitive, entrepreneurial private sector. Topics include reforms in health care, taxes, Social Security, welfare, criminal justice, education and environmental regulation.

Advocates for Self Government
Do you have that gnawing suspicion that you just may be a Libertarian (GASP!)? Do you want the Federal Government of the United States to keep out of your life? Well, take the The World’s Smallest Political Quiz on-line and you can figure out just where you really stand. I surprised myself even!

Americans for Fair Taxation
This comprehensive website will give you all the information you need on the Fair Tax Bill. Simply put, the FairTax replaces the way we’re currently taxed – based on our annual income – with a tax on goods and services. The FairTax is a voluntary “consumption tax: the more you buy, the more you pay in taxes, the less you buy, the less you pay in taxes.

Townhall Columnists
I get a lot of valuable information from the columnists who write for the Heritage Foundation’s Town Hall Internet site.

Accuracy in Academia
This organization puts up a very effective fight against political correctness in our colleges and Universities.

Liberty Pen by Jim Cardoza is full of media rich, hard hitting analysis of economics, politics, and American culture. Jim’s unique perspective comes from his years of experience in the social services field.

From all over the blogosphere: