What is RSS?

by Ron Haynes

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is how many people who regularly use the Internet revisit their favorite sites. What make using RSS so appealing to so many?

1. It’s better than bookmarking or saving a site to your favorites because you can access your “reader” from any computer with an internet connection.

2. RSS is better than bookmarking or saving a site to your favorites because you don’t have to return on a daily or weekly basis to keep up with current information and events on your favorite sites. Updates are right there in your reader.

3. Unlike bookmarks, you can access your reader from any computer in the world. This allows you to stay current on your favorite sites’ content. This isn’t possible with regular bookmarks because they are only saved on one computer.

4. Best of all, it’s free! (I love free!)

If you’re interested in using RSS, use one of the free readers. I recommend are Google Reader.

You’ll be able to subscribe to a site’s RSS feed as it automatically retrieves updates and articles posted to your favorite websites or blogs. You can even set the reader to retrieve updates from multiple sites, allowing you to read new articles from those sites all in one place. The reader gives you the option of visiting the site or you can just read the article right there in the reader’s window. There’s no need to hop from site to site looking for updates and new articles. It’s all right there in your reader!

To subscribe to my feed, sign up at Google Reader and then subscribe to The Wisdom Journal today! Hey, it’s free and easy!