Roundup and Link Love – Blogger Meetup Edition

by Ron Haynes

This week I had the unique opportunity to meet Patrick, a fellow personal finance blogger who authors Cash Money Life. We ate a fantastic lunch at one of City BBQ’s locations in Ohio. As a born and bred Southerner, I must say I was impressed with the barbecue, but I was blown away at how much I learned from Patrick about blogging and his perspective on business. He is a true professional who sees the big picture. He also served his country in the armed forces. Patrick, thank you for your service to our country.

Here are some of my favorite posts from Patrick:

The road less traveled.
A penny saved is worth more than a penny earned.
25 ways I save money.
Where’s my economic stimulus check?

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Here are a few other links that I enjoyed reading this week:

The debtor’s toolkit @ The Simple Dollar.
Your take – what would you do with a million dollars? @ Blueprint for Financial Prosperity
Frugal or cheap? Here’s a test @ Moolanomy.
How I shaved $92.32 off a $121.66 grocery bill @ On Financial Success.
Valuable gift ideas for mother’s day @ My Supercharged Life.
Our experience staying in a rental earthship home in Taos @ The Good Human.
The soggy hotdog – A personal finance wake up call @ Frugal Dad.
The impact of gas prices on the family trip @ All Financial Matters.
One must be organized to be frugal @ Being Frugal.
Saving for retirement if your company doesn’t offer a 401k @ Sense to Save.
Inflation then and now @ Debt FREE Revolution
Want some extra income? Try odd jobs! @ The Digerati Life.
Personal finance is about freedom–what will you do with yours? @ Mrs. Micah.
Thoughts on minimizing debt while in college @ Five Cent Nickel.
Get a jump on summer with these warm weather money saving tips @ GenX Finance.
Dealing with the debt time bomb @ Gather Little By Little.
Why you should stay invested in the market @ Free Money Finance.
Everyman’s guide to decreasing expenses @ Quest For Four Pillars.
How to Turn Mistakes into Opportunities (a real life example) @ The Dough Roller.

There. Those should keep you busy and explain why I’ve been reading so much lately!

Honestly, these are some fantastic sites run by some fantastic people. If you ever get a chance to meet another blogger, I’d encourage you to do it!

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