Don’t Wait Until January 1st – Button Up Your Life NOW

buttons Waiting until the new year to make a resolution to stop procrastinating makes no sense! In my personal experience, the top “resolutions” each year usually have something to do with:

  1. Losing weight
  2. Exercising
  3. Better managing time
  4. Getting more organized
  5. Getting finances in order

I can’t help you eat less or exercise more (per se), but those last three are pretty well covered by FranklinCovey .

Better manage your time

Ever thought about “buttoning up” your life? Getting more organized and effective at managing your time? If so Your Life. Buttoned Up – Organization made easy is the program for you. I was highly impressed with the HUGE variety of items that FranklinCovey has assembled to help organize our lives. Things like:

The “Life.doc” kit to help you manage everything like health, finances, insurance, legal matters, emergencies, family basics, caregivers, and home-related items. Track the data by writing it on the pre-printed forms or typing into the forms (using the provided CD-ROM) and printing them on your PC or Mac using Microsoft Word (not included).

The Valuables.doc Kit houses information from eight categories—jewelry, artwork/collectibles, family/living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, basement/attic, and other—in a sturdy binder with organized sections and a pouch for photo documentation.

The Medical.doc kit makes it easy to organize all of your important treatment information, from diagnosis and treatment regimes, to insurance filings, and correspondence. When you give yourself the peace of mind that comes with having the information you need, when you need it, you can concentrate on what really matters most- getting well. If you have to challenge a health insurance claim denial, you’ll be glad you had this kit.

The Your Life. Buttoned Up – Organization made easy products also feature binders and methods to help you

  • In case of a car accident called Collision.doc
  • File your taxes (unless you use H&R Block At Home like me)
  • A Moving.doc kit to help you cruise through that move
  • A school files kit
  • A birthday book
  • A mail sorter
  • Flash cards to help you form new and better habits
  • Note pads with tear off sheets for the babysitter, chores, errands, and even things to remember to pack for the baby or kids
  • A Pet.doc kit for organizing anything pet related
  • And of course a shopping pad

The Your Life. Buttoned Up collection of items lets you really organize your life rather than living a “life of organization” and any one of those items would make a great Christmas gift … a “great” gift being one that is actually used!

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