One Reader’s Experience with Comparison Shopping

by Ron Haynes

After I wrote How to Compare Insurance Companies and Agents, I received this comment a from Mark, one of The Wisdom Journal’s readers about his experience with

I was able to save a fair amount of money on my homeowners insurance which just came up for renewal by using InsureMe. The use of InsureMe saved me time and headache as I didn’t have to search for various insurance companies that would both be reliable and economical. I was a little reluctant at first to supply [my] home address, email address, and phone number on InsureMe but got over it and took the plunge.

I had a very good insurance broker call me within minutes after the InsureMe submission. We discussed details and options with several home insurance companies. I thought about these details and options for about a day, called him back, and worked out the particulars. The switch from my previous insurer to my new one was easy and seamless which I think is noteworthy in itself. Thanks again for this post on comparing insurance companies and agents. –Mark

Congratulations Mark! I’m always glad to hear that someone was able to save some money because of an article posted here.

In my opinion, InsureMe is the Internet’s premier site for researching your options for all kinds of insurance – auto, life, health, or, as in Mark’s case, homeowner’s.

And while you’re at it, go ahead and comparison shop on more than just your insurance, shop for a better mortgage, a better cell phone plan, or a better credit card rate or a better mortgage.

A few minutes of research, a couple of questions, and a willingness to take action could result in some serious savings for you just like it did for Mark.

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