Eat Your Own Dog Food

“Eating your own dog food” sounds pretty yucky but actually is a phrase coined by a product manager at Microsoft back in the ’80s. It soon became a motto for using the products you make or recommend to others.It basically means practice what you preach.

grilledsalmon I’ve recommended a lot of things on this blog and one of my absolute favorites is This past Tuesday I took my wife and three children out to a great little eatery and used one of the $25 gift certificates that I bought for only $2 with the Dinner of the Month Club. We ate BBQ nachos, a blue cheese burger, a very rare tuna steak (my favorite), grilled salmon with capers, a grilled chicken flatbread sandwich, and a monstrous club sandwich all for much less than usual because of that gift certificate.

bleucheeseburger What I like about using’s Dinner of the Month Club is that you aren’t bound to one single establishment – or even bound to use it in the same city or state! When you go to their site, you can enter which city you’re going to and print out a certificate for any restaurants that are participating in that area. Currently there are over 13,000 restaurants participating nationwide and’s customers have saved over $100 million. Using coupons for eating out is not only ridiculously easy, but smart too. And they make great gifts because you can email them to friends, family, or business associates!

bbqnachos Here’s your chance for Dinner of the Month Club

Now through Jan 31, 2010 you can get the same deal I did – getting $25 restaurant gift certificates for only TWO dollars each!  Use the coupon code: BONUS when you check out and for less than the face value of ONE certificate, you can enjoy $300 in restaurant meals all year long as a member of the Dinner of the Month Club. Certain restrictions and limitations do apply but good grief, for that kind of deal, I can handle a few restrictions.

Not all restaurants participate but there is no obligation to check which ones do in your area (or the area you’re planning to visit). What I like is that for the most part, the big chains aren’t in on this deal. As a result you get to experience more local flavor and variety than the big chains could ever offer. And does it ever taste good!

So give a try – you won’t be eating dog food, I promise.

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