Everything is Amazing But Nobody is Happy

by Ron Haynes

Maybe a better title would be: Everything is Amazing But Nobody is Thankful.

I was discussing this video with a friend of mine on Facebook and thought it was worth sharing. Pretty funny.

“Give it a second! It’s going to SPACE! Can you give it a second to get back from SPACE?”

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Cody - Dream-Life-Coaching

Good points, have you read “Affluenza” by Oliver James, a good book on a similar topic, how we have everything but we are not happy. Having said this it doesn’t mean that if you do have things you cannot be happy. Happiness really is an internal thing. Great video though. Thumbs up!!


I’ve seen this video before and it’s great! Funny, but so poignant. Ditto with the Affluenza book (Australian, I think?), good read.


Yes! this is a little funny! But then again, it’s so true too! And, I like your thought about thankfulness. Not a lot of folks are thankful for what they have or where they were born, or their parents, or their spouse…..and many other things. As a matter of fact, ALL they have! I used to tell my children they had to be grateful for what God had given them, and took them to Romans 1, to show them why. Verse 21 says even though the people knew God, because He made Himself evident to them, they refused to honor God, or give Him thanks. So, God gave them over to futile speculations and their foolish hearts were darkened. Even little boys realize God, who created them, desires them to be thankful.

Positively Present

Funny! I like your renamed post that address the lack of gratitude that a lot of people suffer from. You make a great point here and I loved the laugh I got from checking out the video. Thanks!


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