A Fabulous Budgeting System

If you have used virtually ANY budgeting software system, ask yourself, are you any better off financially? Most people find they’re not. In spite of everything your software does, it does not solve the fundamental problem that keeps most people from achieving their financial goal of managing their spending.

Recording what happened is NOT managing!

The key to managing your finances is budgeting, but not in the traditional way. Most budgeting systems use the traditional “after-the-fact” approach: basically a month-end reconciliation of budget to actual spending, which simply does not work. Imagine trying to manage your grocery or clothing spending but not knowing how much you have spent in each category until the end of the month. It just doesn’t work. You need accurate, up-to-date information for each spending category right when you make a spending decision. You cannot wait until the end of the month, or you’ll find you have overspent yet again.

I’m thrilled with a budgeting system called Mvelopes Personal that is revolutionizing how people budget and manage their money. Mvelopes Personal modernizes this same envelope concept using advanced Internet technology. You can now manage your finances in just a few minutes a week allowing you to get out of debt and save for the future. Mvelopes will give you the piece of mind to spend with confidence, knowing the money is set aside for each expense. Quite simply, budgeting with Mvelopes will help you manage your personal finances BETTER.

Mvelopes Personal has many features that are just not available in other personal finance systems. Features like anytime, anywhere access, automatic transaction retrieval from over 14,000 supported institutions, and many other unique features make Mvelopes stand out.

Key Features
Uses the envelope system – spending accounts that function like a checkbook for each spending category
Automatically allocates monthly income to each spending account, with auto-rollover of balances
Tracks spending against income by updating spending
account balances as purchases are made
Supports over 14,000 financial institutions
Tracks credit card purchases and automatically sets aside
money to pay them off in full each month
Available completely online. Accessible from home, work or anywhere you have Internet access.
Mvelopes costs HALF of what Quicken charges (Mvelopes compared on a monthly basis to what you would pay for Quicken). As
little as $7.40

Always know how much you have left to spend in every budget category.

Other budgeting systems use an “after-the-fact” budget reconciliation strategy. This means that you don’t know how much you’ve spent until you reconcile at the end of the month. Budgeting systems such as Quicken and Money simply do not help you manage your spending or teach you how to effectively use a budget.

Mvelopes Personal provides you critical balance information for each spending category at all times. You always know how much
you have left to spend which enables you to make informed spending decisions. More

With Mvelopes Personal, you get all your transactions from all your accounts at once. Mvelopes simultaneously connects to all your financial institutions and retrieves all your checking, savings, and credit card transactions at once. You don’t have to enter in any of your data! And no other personal finance program offers more supported financial institutions than Mvelopes – over 14,000 banks and credit cards!

Effectively manage your credit card spending

Until now credit cards made keeping to a personal budget almost impossible. But Mvelopes Personal’s credit card spending tracker knows every time you have used a credit card to make a purchase. It sets aside money from your spending envelopes into a credit card payment envelope. This enables you to pay off your purchases in FULL each month and avoid finance charges.

Quickly eliminate debt

You could find in using Mvelopes Personal that many of your spending envelopes have money left over in them at the end of the month. By applying this money to debt reduction you can eliminate debt at a much faster rate, often in less than half the time. Once one debt is paid in full, you can roll that amount over into the next debt and continue to pay them all off at an accelerated rate.

“My wife and I have been using Mvelopes Personal for over 4 months and have eliminated ALL of our consumer debt! It has saved us more than once from impulse buys and unnecessary finance charges. Once you’ve used it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.” –Stewart, Journeyman Electrician

Never miss a payment again

Mvelopes includes a full-featured bill pay service, which helps you easily create and manage payments online. You will never miss a payment again. You’ll never have to worry about another late fee, postage or licking stamps. And payments can be made to ANY company or any one.

Get anytime, anywhere online access

The Mvelopes Personal budgeting system is completely ONLINE. That means you can access your information from anywhere, at anytime–all you need is an
Internet connection. This allows you to always know exactly how much you have left to spend and make informed spending decisions. It also means no software install or yearly upgrade fees. You can be setup and managing your finances in
just a few minutes.

Try Mvelopes Personal free for 14 Days

You can try the Mvelopes Personal Budgeting System FREE for 14 days. If you choose to continue using the system pay just $7.40 – $15.95
a month. There is absolutely no risk for you!

The Mvelopes Personal system gives you:

  • Complete Online Budgeting and Spending Management Tools. Instant
    access to all of your financial and budget information at anytime, from anywhere. Everything you need to successfully manage your finances.
  • Automatic Transaction Retrieval, which gives you all your transactions from all your online financial institutions and credit cards, at once. This allows you to manage your budget with just a few clicks. No more time spent manually entering what you have spent.
  • Full-featured Bill Pay Service for up to 15 payments/month including postage!
  • Personalized Coaching and Support. Never pay to chat to a customer or technical support representative again!

If you’ve tried budgeting using other software systems, Excel, or just a yellow legal pad and you’ve found that all you were doing was recording WHAT you did rather than actually PLANNING what you would do, give Mvelopes a try. It’s free for two weeks — by then you’ll know that it works and I’m confident you’ll love it just like me.

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