Have a Friend Facing Foreclosure?

by Ron Haynes

Did you know foreclosure rates rose 81% in 2008, making the housing crisis one of the top issues facing our economy today? Foreclosure can do a number on your credit report and potentially ruin your credit score for years.

There’s a lot of information out there if you’re facing foreclosure — much of it is bad and is designed to pad the pockets of scammers. That’s why, when it comes to facing a foreclosure or other problems arising from debt, I recommend using The National Federation of Credit Counseling. That’s who I used about 12 years ago to help me get control of my debt.

The main problem concerning the current housing and foreclosure crisis is most homeowners don’t seek help until it’s too late. But if you’re in that boat, the key to saving your credit and your sanity is to get reliable advice as early as possible. Sadly, many people don’t realize that trustworthy help is available and what may seem like a dire financial situation can actually be organized, itemized, and prioritized by a NFCC certified credit counselor.

ONLY use a NFCC certified credit counselor.

If you or a friend is facing forclosure action, the NFCC is offering a free DVD called Avoiding Foreclosure. Regardless of the reasons you may be in this situation (job loss, interest rate reset, healthcare costs), the most important step you can take is to reach out and ask for help from someone who is willing and able to put your interests first.

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The DVD does several things. First, it introduces consumers to some of the terms and scenarios they are likely to encounter as they work to save their own home. Second, it familiarizes consumers with the process of avoiding foreclosure. Third, it shows examples of a variety of life situations and challenges facing individuals and families who are facing foreclosure and what they did (with the help of an NFCC-certified housing counselor) to address it.

The DVD you’ll be ordering shows inspiring stories from folks like you who decided to really take charge of their unfortunate situations. This free, informative DVD will provide you with motivation for change because you’ll see that even the toughest of circumstances can result in positive solutions with the help of NFCC certified professionals.

Don’t just “hope” things will get better. Take action today. Ordering the free DVD is just the first step.

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