Gas Prices Hit New Highs For 17 Straight Days

by Ron Haynes

Just heard on CNN that gasoline prices have hit record highs for the past 17 days in a row, so I thought I might re-post 10 gasoline cost savings tips for you wallet.

Also, please check out these two sites to find the cheapest gas prices in your area:

Gas Buddy
Gas Price Watch

I’d encourage everyone to also check out what the Presidential candidates are saying. Two are suggesting that the government suspend the 18 cent gas tax for consumers and businesses. One says that it won’t do anything. As a business person who ships and receives and who’s freight costs have sky-rocketed, I can tell you that 18 cents would help a great deal.

Remember that ALL taxes are paid by individuals and consumers. There isn’t a single business or corporation that pays one red cent in taxes. Any increase in corporate taxes are passed through to the consumer in higher prices because a business MUST achieve a certain return on its investment or else it will cease to exist.

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You seeem to be contradicting yourself in this post. If you suspend the 18 cents tax for 3 months, especially if you force the Oil companies to compensate for it, then they will pass that cost on to us as consumers. Therefore we will pay the same for the time being, and as soon as that relief is removed we will be paying at least 18 cents more instantly.

Please don’t encourage people to support the “gas tax holiday”



It looks to me that you and I are saying the same thing. Maybe I was unclear. I’d be for the reduction in gas tax but not it we “force” the oil companies to pay for it. I think we need our lovely government to do without and tighten up its belt.

I agree 100% with what you’re saying. Force the oil companies to pay more in taxes and they will only pass that expense on to us–or they will go out of business. What government hacks never seem to understand is that a business must make a certain amount of profit or it will close its doors. Granted, the oil companies are making billions, but it was just a short few years ago that they were the “dogs of the Dow.” Oil was $17/bbl and they couldn’t make money. No one felt sorry for them then, but they are excoriated now for making money. Money that goes into pension plans and all the index funds BTW!

Sorry if I was unclear. I’d encourage the gas tax holiday but only if the government was the one to do without the money.

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