Get Your Gadget Fix Without Breaking The Bank

by Ron Haynes

Are you a gadget junkie? I’d call myself a semi-gadget junkie simply because I love using and learning about new electronic gadgets. I’m a late adopter though, preferring to let the bugs get worked out and, well, to let the prices come down (they almost always do).

I’ve bought various items through eBay from a company called Dyscern in the past and I was thrilled to learn that they now offer their reconditioned electronic gadgets via a new site at

apple_ipod_nano_5g_black Dyscern specializes in portable consumer electronics, predominantly refurbished items, like this Apple iPod 5th Generation 8gb Nano (right now $104.99 USD). They’re able to offer exceptional prices on a wide cross section of products including MP3 players, iPods, HDTV’s, Computer Systems, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and more.

navigon_2090s If you’ve been looking for a GPS system for your car, take a look at this Navigon 2010s. It features a 3.5 inch touch screen and 320 x 240 resolution. At only $72.99, this GPS system has an integrated traffic service capability, a USB interface for your PC, and a micro-SD expansion slot. If you’ve ever been lost in an unfamiliar city, you know how valuable a car GPS system can be. I love mine!


How about a brand new item? Widely recognized as the best Bluetooth headset on the market, the new Aliph Jawbone II Bluetooth Headset NoiseAssassin is 50 percent smaller than the original, award-winning Jawbone and offers over 4 hours of talk time. This item is brand new but bulk packaged. It has never been used and includes the unit, charger, USB, one ear loop, and one ear bud. The down side: no fancy manufacturer packaging. The plus side: save a lot of money and get a new Jawbone for less than half of retail at only $39.99!

So check out Dyscern. They have many more items than these and their inventory changes regularly as they find new and reconditioned electronic items to offer their customers at prices even the frugal can appreciate.

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for some reason gadgets doesn’t live a long time with, as soon as few months pass something has to be broken


True, but almost everything breaks at some point. I know this — my GPS has saved us on many occasions!

Credit Girl

Thanks for this site! I’ve been looking for a new phone lately as my phone has been having too many problems to deal with so I’ll definitely check it out. And I’m also like you in that I’m a late adopter to new cool gadgets because honestly I don’t feel the need to have to have them right away. Have you ever bought a cell phone from Dyscern?


No, but I did buy a laptop from them a few years back. I’m really interested in the Jawbone bluetooth after seeing it at Costco for $70.

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