Guest Post from my Daughter: 14 Places I Must See Before I Die!

by Ron Haynes

This is a guest post from my 14 year old Daughter who obviously wants to travel the world!
Paris1. Paris! I have always wanted to go to Paris. Ever since I was little, the Eiffel tower has fascinated me. If I were to go there, I would definitely visit the Eiffel tower, visit the Palace of Versailles, and eat pastries in a little cafe. I would do some serious shopping in Paris too!

Rome2. Rome is on my list also. In Rome, I would visit the Roman Coliseum, the Sistine Chapel, the Pantheon and eat some authentic Italian food like pasta, pesto, gellato, and Italian pastries. Yum! Also, I would buy some Italian shoes.

London3. London, England. I would take one of friends here because we have already planned out what we would do here: we would go see that clock, Big Ben; we would go up in the London Eye, that big Ferris wheel; then we would go see the Crown Jewels in the Buckingham Palace; we would try really hard to make the guards with the big black hats laugh or smile; we would definitely eat some fish and chips; and we would ride on the top of one of those bright red double decker buses. I would save my shopping for the next location…

Milan4. Milan! I would go see some fashion shows there and I would be buying clothes for several of my friends, shoes for another friend, and clothes and shoes for me! I would have a lot of money here because I would have planned my vacation to Milan very carefully and saved for a long time.

Spain5. I have a lot to do in Spain, also. Here I would dip fresh baked bread into fresh squeezed (or however they make it) olive oil with lots of pepper. Then, I could take a trip to Barcelona and buy some souvenirs for family; I would go see a bull fight!

Egypt6. In Egypt… I would take my mom here because the whole Egyptian thing fascinates her. We would go see the pyramids, go see the Sphinx, go down into a king’s tomb if they would let us, and ride on a boat in the Nile. But I would NOT eat any food there because it doesn’t look very good.

Jerusalem7. Jerusalem would be an interesting place I’d like to visit. I would probably take my dad here- I think he would enjoy it. Here we would go float in the Dead Sea, look at all the places in the Bible (there are too many to name), ride a camel, and go for a boat ride in the Sea of Galilee.

Rio8. Rio de Janeiro. I don’t have anything really specific I would do here— I would just want to go here because it is a big city with lots of beaches and sea ports and probably good shopping.

New York9. NEW YORK CITY! I HAVE to go here before I die. I would try to get in the Cash Cab and win some money, I would eat New York Pizza, buy some shoes, visit Ground Zero :( , do some more serious shopping, and I can’t think of anything else I would do right now, but I’m sure I could later.

Vegas10. Las Vegas…I would not gamble or anything here. I would just go to Vegas just to say I’ve been to Vegas. I’d love to see all the bright lights!

Hollywood11. HOLLYWOOD! In Hollywood, I would get my name on one of those stars (lol!), get some autographs from some real stars, and…shop.

Switzerland12. Next, I would go to Switzerland. I would take my brother and sister with me. We would go skiing on the Swiss Alps, drink endless amounts of hot chocolate, eat endless amounts of chocolate, go mountain climbing, and I would buy a little baby mountain goat for my brother because he had always wanted one.

Greece13. Hmmm… next is Greece. I would go to Athens and see the place where they had the first Olympics, I would eat Greek food, like pitas, and go swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. I’d love to explore the ancient Grecian ruins and see the old temples and the architecture!

Syndey14. Last but not least— Australia. I would take one of my friends with me here because she loves guys with an Australian accent. We would go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, go to the Sydney Opera House, and take home little kangaroos as pets!

Well, that’s my list of place I have to go before I die! So when do we leave?


Thank you Sweetheart! We’ll leave right after you finish your master’s degree …. Daddy.

Many thanks to Jeff at My Supercharged Life for his post that inspired this one. Jeff is sure to inspire a lot more people with wonderful ideas and posts like this! He wrote 10 Places I Have To See Before I Die. We’re on the same page with Numbers 2, 4, and 10!

Also, be sure and read fellow Life Skills Network Member David’s post on his Places To See at The Good Human. His post goes live today.

Another great read on the same subject is at Change Your Tree. I love his Number 6!

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We’re the same on number 1. Paris and the entire France have always fascinated me.

Frugal Dad

Now that’s a great travel agenda! Looks like you better get to saving, Dad!


What! No China, India or other parts of Asia.

Perhaps when she is older the list will get a little longer.



Ah I remember my first trips to many of those places, I hope she gets to see them. :) Gotta love swiss chocolate!

But really, no mention of the Louvre in Paris? :o That was my favourite part of the city even when I was younger than your daughter is now.


One place in Asia you should definitely check out is Singapore!

Jeff@My Super-Charged Life

Ron – Your daughter obviously did her homework on this one. I appreciate the mention! Great list!


What a great list of places to go! She has a talent for writing! Hopefully she will get to all the places she wants to go!



Yeah she’s something else! I hope she gets to go all those places…and more!


Hello dear….what a refreshing post!
It made me want to pack again, and make some reservations. :smile:

Thank you for the encouragement that our young people do have lofty and adventurous ideas about our world!

You sound like a lovely young lady!

God bless you all your endeavors!

monique harper

i think your daughter sounds like a beautifully talented and educated girl! i would love to see more posts from her… she obviously has a talent for writing! good job on picking her for this article, ron!


What about really cool places like Kansas, Wyoming, South Dakota? Funny how Americans always want to see foreign places!



Don”t worry, my turn is coming up and it”s ALL in the good ole US of A!

Vir taaj

Great post Ron!! Hey but no Bombay.. I hope that is the 15th place :!: :smile:

Vir taaj

Yeah it would be a treat! Tandoori Chicken is a specialty of Delhi. Here its sea food if you are a non-vegan and lots of other stuff too… if you are vegan, like you get Pav Bhajji, Vada Pav and Sev Puri.

:grin: :smile:

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