19 Years Has FLOWN By!

by Ron Haynes

Wedding Rings

Nineteen years ago today, my one true love and I tied the knot!

We met while working at a local department store retailer and, though we went to different colleges (three hours from each other), we continued to date for five years before getting married at five o’clock on June 23rd.

What makes our marriage work? Even though we’re different in so many ways, when it comes to the important things in life, we see eye-to-eye. What are those things?

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Nothing can truly prepare you for children. No book, no advice, no video or website. What’s wonderful about my wife is that we agree on how we should raise our children, how we should educate them, and the people we want them to learn from and be around.


Yes, we’re vastly different in how we view money and finances, but we both agree on the important things. We both despise debt. We both think money should be used to help us accomplish a better life for ourselves and others. We both comparison shop and are on the lookout for great deals on the things we feel we should purchase.


Perhaps one of the most important factors that has helped us maintain a long, loving relationship is that our values match each other. What is important to one of us is important to the other by default. And isn’t that what love is all about? Having the best interest in the one you love and the willingness to put aside your own preferences in deference to them really is what love is all about.

It all ties together

All of these tie together: children, finances, and values. The beauty of it is that my wife and I are truly “one” when it comes to these important things in life and I’m so blessed, so fortunate, so incredibly happy that I married her … or is it happy that SHE married me?

Oh yeah, another great thing is that she is absolutely gorgeous (and gets better looking every day)!

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