Happy Something Or Other

by Ron Haynes

As of today, March 27th, I have completed three months as a blogger. Is that a birthday or an anniversary? Maybe it’s a monthiversary…Here are a few stats:

Total feed readers as of March 26th:

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12 Things I Learned By 42 That I Wish I Knew At 22
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I read somewhere (ProBlogger?) that most blogs don’t even make it to 3 months so I’m very pleased to have made it this far without burning out! Thank you to everyone who has read, commented, encouraged, prayed for, promoted, linked to, or emailed a post. I sincerely appreciate your partnership and hope I can meet and exceed your expectations for the future. :D

A special thanks to Patrick of Cash Money Life for promoting my blog on Stumble Upon. His review gave The Wisdom Journal a huge boost! Thanks Patrick!

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Ron Haynes has written 1000 articles on The Wisdom Journal.

The founder and editor of The Wisdom Journal in 2007, Ron has worked in banking, distribution, retail, and upper management for companies ranging in size from small startups to multi-billion dollar corporations. He graduated Suma Cum Laude from a top MBA program and currently is a Human Resources and Management consultant, helping companies know how employees will behave in varying situations and what motivates them to action, assisting firms in identifying top talent, and coaching managers and employees on how to better communicate and make the workplace MUCH more enjoyable. If you'd like help in these areas, contact Ron using the contact form at the top of this page or at 870-761-7881.

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Congratulations, Ron! I have enjoyed your blog (and your comments on my blog.) You deserve success!


Thank you Erica! I’m not sure about “deserve” but I’ll take it! :D


Congrats Ron! You’re one month and a hell of a lot of hits ahead of me! Keep up the good work!, hopefully I’ll be there some day!


Trust me, you’re only one good break from being there. Keep up the good work and don’t lose sight of your goal!


Happy something or other! It’s only been three months? Wow!


Three months doesn’t sound that long until you start realizing that you’ve written and published one article every day. I didn’t know I could be so chatty. :oops:

CiaranFrom Chance

Congrats Ron, you’ve accomplished a lot in 3 months, I look forward to see where you’re at – at the 6 month point, my bet higher baby :wink:


@CiaranFrom Chance:
Thanks Ciaran. You’ve been a big help and a big encouragement to me.

Frugal Dad

We started roughly around the same time, and you have been an inspiration to me from the very beginning! You’ve got a great product here in The Wisdom Journal, and I look forward to reading it every single day. Keep up the great work…onwards!


@Frugal Dad:
You’ve been a big encouragement to me as well. I’m glad to be in a network with you and I love your blog!


Congrats on your success, Ron! And I’m not responsible for it, you are! A Stumble only brings an initial boost of traffic – it takes quality content to keep it running. Your site is definitely strong enough to stand on its own! ;)


Thank you Patrick. You’ve been a big encouragement to me and you’re someone I look up to in the blogging world. Thanks for all your help.

Four Pillars

Three month anniversary? I think the official name is the “Jack-squat anniversary!” :)

Seriously though – I don’t think blogging for three months means a whole lot, but your level of success in that short time is pretty darn good!

I really like your blog.



@Four Pillars:
LOL! Thanks Mike! Hey I like yours and Mr. Cheap’s blog too, too.

Three months isn’t that long, but I’ve read that the majority of bloggers have either been blogging for less than three months or over one year. I guess I’m now entering the “valley of the shadow of death!” :D


Congratulation, it’s a big milestone.

“Best day ever: 44,005″

That’s better than my whole month. :shock:


I happened to hit the second page of Digg. I’m still getting hits from it 2 months later.
Oh the sweet rush of traffic!

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