Help a Reader – Becoming a Millionaire

by Ron Haynes

I recently received this email i reference to my review of Millionaire By Thirty.

I just read through this book, I’ve now read 10 “millionaire” books and I am (25 yrs) making less than $50K, I have no savings, and I live at home (after living in a rental that was foreclosed upon!)…I’m willing to try anything but every time I read one of these books I seem to make the authors “millionaires” and myself just $30 poorer. I’ve gotten a few ideas from this book, but common, a lot of this stuff I knew already thanks to “rich dad, poor dad”. Is there a book that exists that shows “real people” how to make “real money” at this point I think I’m giving up on the “millionaire” quest and just looking to be able to provide for myself and my future family… :?:

What would you advise this reader to do? Any suggestions?

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