How Much Is Gasoline Where You Live?

by Ron Haynes

$1.49 per Gallon Gas!

This is a picture of a gas station in Northeast Arkansas near my home. We’ve been seeing gas prices coming down 3 to 5 cents at a time.

On our trip back to Alabama to visit family for Thanksgiving, we saw prices in Memphis of $1.69 and then just outside of Birmingham of $1.80 per gallon. That’s a 31 cent swing! Wow.

What are gas prices in your area? Leave the price and what city you saw that price in the comments section below.


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budapest, hungary: $4,55, diesel $5,12


They haven’t dipped below $2 in Pittsburgh yet. A few days ago, i filled up at $2.09 and saw prices at $2.05 today.

Peter G. Bouillon

I don’t want to shock you, but over here in Europe (M√ľnster in Germany) we saw gas prices as high as EUR 1.45 per litre some weeks ago … at current conversion rates, this amounts to a whooping US$ 7.12 per gallon!

Momma @ 3princessesmomma

I’ll come back and read this the next time someone complains about the price of gas in the US.


Mid west Western Australia AU$136.70 litre
Approx 3.7 litres to a US gallon
Have to look at our $ exchange rate which today is AU$1.00 to US$0.6467
Should get cheaper before christmas, so they say LOL


$2.07 (and falling) in Alexandria, VA this morning.


1.90 in Gainesville, FL today. Probably close to 1.70 in Georgia.

That Australian price seems pretty high. Are all the decimals in the right place?


I live in Tampa, Florida – gas is down to $1.81 and dropping daily -

Mark W.

The range is approximately $2.05 to $2.10 in Utica, NY. Interesting to note though (thanks to the graphic above) is the price of diesel. It has come down significantly but not as much as regular gas. Of course, the diesel price is important since most goods are shipped by truck which affects final cost of goods to us.

Momma @ 3princessesmomma

It’s $1.67 in Mableton, GA (just outside Atlanta)


St. Louis, MO – $1.31 earlier in the week… $1.39 now.

Frugal Dad

Filled up for $1.59 just south of Atlanta last night (stations furthest from I-75/I-85 seem to be cheapest).


I paid $2.05 per gallon a few days ago in Auburn, CA.

Erica Douglass

$2.07 in San Jose, CA. Rumors spreading that Costco has gas for under $2, but I hate waiting in line 10min just to fill up.



They’re hovering right around 0.85 CDN/liter right now. At their hight they went up to about 1.40CDN/liter


$1.99 in northern New Hampshire.

Andy Wood

$1.49 in Lubbock, Texas as of today (Saturday)

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