How to Use Pinterest as Free Advertising

by Ron Haynes

Many businesses don’t realize it, but Pinterest is perhaps one of the best free outlets out there for online advertising. At first, the network seems like it is almost exclusively for women with pictures of food, clothing and crafts comprising the vast majority of pinned images. Still, there are many ways to use Pinterest to greatly benefit your brand. 

1. Creating Pins

Pinterest enables users to create a virtual corkboard where they can hang images they find interesting, much like a bulletin board one might have in an office or college dorm. The only difference is that these images all link to their source. Many Pinterest users pour through images every day, adding the ones they like to their page. But what many don’t realize is that they have the ability to create new pins using their own images that will, in turn, link back to the indicated website. This is a great way to spread images of your company’s products; when a Pinterest user clicks on the image, they will be immediately brought to your website or blog, creating higher traffic on those sites.

Tip: Even better than a simple image is a call to action that encourages readers to view more information on your business’s website. Include text on the image itself, or include your call to action in the pin description. 

2. Pictures of Your Employees

A great way to gain your customers’ trust and loyalty is to make your company appear more personal. The best way to do this is by showing customers that humans are what make up your company, a simple truth that’s often forgotten when people begin to associate a company with its brand rather than the people behind it. By posting pictures of employees, preferably of them helping customers and smiling, customers will be able to identify with your company on a much more personal level.

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3. Two-Way Conversations

Rather than exclusively pinning your own content, repin some of your followers’ content as well. This shows that you care about them as human beings rather than just paying customers. Also, by repining other people’s images, they will in turn feel obligated to repin yours thereby spreading your content throughout the network.

4. Create Interactivity to Boost Customer Engagement

People love to be involved. More than that, they love free things or the chance to win free things. When they’re not thinking of themselves, they love helping others. Therefore, a great way to make use of Pinterest while also spreading your pins and getting a lot of people to link back to your site is by posting contests, giveaways and charitable campaigns. For example, you could offer $0.10 to a charity for every repin a certain pin gets, or you could create several different pins and enter anyone who repins each one into a raffle for a particular prize.

Katie Elizabeth is a freelance writer and money-saving guru. She uses Pinterest to research purchases in everything from beach wedding bridesmaid dresses to office equipment, and more. 

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