Lessons from a Farmer

by Ron Haynes

A Farmers CropsOnce again, the simplest of items can teach important concepts. As I was driving across the countryside in the middle of the country, I realized how farmers and finances both succeed on the basis of a few principles.

What begins the creation of success for a farmer? It isn’t a secret! It begins with the planting seeds, thousands of them, over and over again. He does the same thing, many many times. The more seeds he plants, the greater his harvest.

When it comes to our finances, we have to perform the same correct actions over and over. Whether those actions are saving money, clipping coupons, saying No to temptation, paying off debt, or refusing to fall back into the old credit card trap.

Financial success comes from doing the right things over and over.

A farmer has to protect his crops against pests and invasive weeds. He prevents them by several different measures and insures the success of his crops by taking preventative measures. He knows WHEN the timing is correct for pest control and he doesn’t overdo it, but attempts to apply just the right amount of pesticide.

We have to know when we’re weak and subject to temptation.
We have to insure our wallets don’t leak. For most of us, these temptations occur at various specific times during the year, birthdays, vacations, holidays. To prevent these invasive pests and weeds from destroying our financial crops, we have to take preventative measures as well. We set up Christmas club accounts, save into a specific savings account, and make wise choices to insure our financial success.

Financial success comes from circumventing temptation.

Finally, a farmer has to fertilize his crops. He tends the soil and insures that it is in optimal condition for maximum yield. He may incorporate different supplements, minerals, and compost to help boost the soil’s health and thereby boost his harvest.

We fertilize our financial crop in several ways as well. We explore ways to make extra money. We educate ourselves in financial matters. We put our money into investment vehicles that will produce a good harvest and we then monitor its performance, making adjustments as necessary.

Financial success results from insuring growth.

Once a farmer has allowed his crops to mature, he begins the harvest. That’s where the similarities end. We can harvest our money at any time, but a farmer cannot harvest too soon or else he will have immature and unsellable crops. We get to decide when we harvest, early or late, and if we wanted to allow our financial crops to continue to grow, they will!

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