Looking Back on 2010 – What Were The Highlights?

2010resolutions Yeah, I know. It’s just gotten started … 2010 that is. Back in the 70’s when I was just a kid, I thought that by 2010, we would have a colony on the moon, be flying around in hovercraft, be easily curing cancer and would have eliminated world hunger and disease. We still have some obstacles to overcome in hitting those goals, but on a personal level, it’s never to early to begin designing 2010 to be the best year of our lives.

What do you think 2010 holds for you?

When you look back on this year in about 361 days, what do you want the highlights to be?

  • Will this be the year you finally got your emergency fund in place?
  • Will this be the year your budget became something real to you and your family and you put it to work for you?
  • Will this be the year you quit chasing returns and begin investing with index funds, matching the market rather than trying to beat it?
  • Will this be the year you finally begin spending less than you earn and begin making progress on a savings account?
  • Will this be the year you decide to finish your degree?
  • Will this be the year you actually lose that weight or start exercising?
  • Will this be the year you make that ONE decision you know you need to make?

Or will you look back, like so many other years, and think, “Yeah, I really gotta work on that someday.”

That’s the essence of a “resolution” – finally deciding that someday is TODAY, that you’ve had enough of coulda-shoulda-woulda and you get motivated and get moving.

Movement, ANY movement toward your goals and resolutions is progress. And progress has a motivation all it’s own.

Close your eyes and imagine for a moment celebrating New Year’s Eve by marking that really special goal as DONE. Imagine the peace and joy of paying off that credit card, fitting into those jeans, running that marathon, finding that job, funding that Roth IRA, or having a Christmas without financial headaches and worry. For me, THAT’S really motivating!

So get started and make some sort of progress, creating your own highlights for 2010.

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