My Taxes Are Finished!

by Ron Haynes

taxes_3 No matter how you slice it, completing your federal and state income tax returns are a pain in the neck. Has anyone ever stopped to think why the Internal Revenue Code is over 80,000 pages? Personally, I think it’s so the feds can always find something to nail you on, but that’s just me … :)

All I know is that with 80,000 pages of rules and regulations, H&R Block At Home (formerly known as TaxCut software) has saved my skin for the last 14 years! I started using them in 1996 and I’ve never regretted it, even when I was audited three straight years. H&R Block pulled me through because their software was right on the money!

If you’re still waiting around to get your taxes completed, you’d best be getting started and using H&R Block At Home is the easiest way I know to get your tax return done, e-filed, and over with.

It all starts with importing and they walk you through every bit of it.

taxes_1 From there, your next step is to either begin importing information or being entering the appropriate data into their easy to fill forms. Folks, it really IS that easy.

taxes_2 Not only that, but every screen has a sidebar with frequently asked questions and explanations of everything you’re filling out. The software asks questions, easy to understand questions for the most part, but at times you may need more clarification on what’s being asked. H&R Block At Home thought through that process and created answers to your questions before you even thought to ask them.

Each section has a unique set of answers to the most taxing questions (sorry, I couldn’t resist). Whether you’re entering your personal information, information about your income(s), your adjustments, deductions, tax credits, or taxes you’ve already paid, the software is easy to use, easy to understand, and deadly accurate in my personal experience. Three audits later and I owed nothing on any of them.

H&R Block At Home can also easily use the same data you input to complete your state return.

After you’ve finished your tax returns, then you can move on to the e-file process which, true to form, went off without a hitch in my case. E-filing can reduce the temptation to get one of those high interest tax refund anticipation loans because if you have a checking account (or even a savings account) your refunds can be direct deposited in anywhere from a few days to just a few weeks.

So did I get a refund this year? Yes, but believe me, I tried NOT to. I’m listed as married with 10 dependents at work so I pay as little in as possible but with over $10,000 in surprise medical deductions this year, I was given a small refund of my own money that I already paid in … 

If you’re still sitting on the fence about getting your tax return completed, get off that fence and head over to H&R Block At Home. It’s a quick and easy download and, if you have your paperwork ready, you could be finished in record time!

Note: For the record, I bought and paid for this software out of my own pocket.

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