Need Some Help Organizing Your Home?

by Ron Haynes

The following is the first chapter in a new guide I’ve written called The Basics of Organizing Your Home. It’s available to email subscribers for FREE. If you want to get a free copy of the entire guide, simply sign up in the sidebar on the right.

Organizing your home means developing an easy-to-maintain system for storing and accessing everyday items. Like everything else in your complicated life, this is easier said than done: many households are bursting with groceries, mail, newspapers, toys, electronics, and clothes, and a constant influx of new items adds to the mess. In some homes, organizing aids such as boxes and baskets seem only to add to the clutter instead of containing it.

The main problem is that too many people view organizing as an event instead of a process. They set aside a day, or even several days, to “get organized,” not realizing that maintaining order requires persistent vigilance over an extended period of time. It really is a lifestyle, but it’s a lifestyle that can be achieved by anyone.

Why Organize Your Home?

The best reasons to organize your home will become apparent when you finish and marvel at how good and neat everything looks. But there are other reasons as well.

  • Organized homes save more money: Disorganization costs households significant amounts of money each year in redundant purchases. Think of the times you’ve rushed out to buy a new item, only to discover later that you already owned one or two comparable items. Or the times that you’ve rung up big takeout or eat-out bills because the clutter in your kitchen keeps you from cooking at home. Or the times you’ve been hit with expensive late fees for items you need to return but that get hidden or lost in the mess of your house. Clutter also prevents you from taking advantage of cost savings when coupons, rebate documents, and gift certificates are misplaced.
  • Organized homes save time: All the time you spend frantically searching for your passport the night before a trip or struggling to find a key piece of an outfit before a big interview can be eliminated by organizing. When your belongings are located in logical and accessible spaces, your productivity is sure to increase.
  • Organized homes protect their health: An often-overlooked hazard of disorder is the health risk it can pose to you and your family. Many people have sustained serious injuries from tripping over toys and clutter, and others develop allergies or respiratory problems as a result of the dust that often goes along with household mess.
  • Organized homes reduce stress: Disorganization can increase anxiety and contribute to migraine headaches, ulcers, high blood pressure, and other stress-related problems. A neater, more orderly home can reduce tension and provide more space for you to relax and pursue leisure activities.
  • Organized homes live more comfortably: When your home is well-organized, you’re more likely to enjoy being there and to invite friends over to enjoy the welcoming space.

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Here are the remaining chapters in this 21 page guide:

  • Basics of Home Organization
  • Purpose-Driven Organizing
  • How to Organize Your Kitchen
  • How to Organize Your Bedroom
  • How to Organize Your Bathroom
  • How to Organize Your Child’s Room (heh, good luck)
  • How to Organize Your Den
  • How to Organize Your Basement
  • How to Organize Your Home Office
  • How to Organize Your Entryways and Hallways
  • How to Organize Your Laundry Room
  • How to Organize Your Garage
  • How to Get Professional Organizing Help
  • How to Keep Your Home Organized


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