These People Are All Wrong For a ShareBuilder Account

by Ron Haynes

ShareBuilder is a unique brokerage. It’s designed to break investors of the bad habit of chasing hot stocks or other investments by having them invest a fixed amount of money on a certain day of the week. The good ones invest in a broad-based index fund of some type or in a blue chip company with healthy dividends and a long history of dominating their market.

Who is ShareBuilder all wrong for?

  1. Extremely active traders who can’t decide if they want to keep a stock more than a few hours.
  2. People who consistently spend more than they earn and live their lives on credit cards or payday loans.
  3. Anyone who doesn’t yet have a savings account.
  4. People who haven’t set up their emergency fund.
  5. Someone who listens to Jim Cramer every night.
  6. Anyone who chases the latest “hot stock” or investment craze.
  7. Those who believe they can time the markets.
  8. Technical traders.
  9. Those who put faith in trading “systems.”

If you’ve grown weary of the ups and downs of the market and you’ve been continually disappointed in your lack of ability when it comes to “picking the winners” in the stock market, consider switching to a ShareBuilder account. For only $4 per trade, you can schedule your investments to be purchased every Tuesday. You can buy individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds, bond funds, indexes, or ETFs (I like the ETF IYY).

No account minimum. Invest ANY amount. Buy stocks for only $4!
Check out ShareBuilder TODAY!

And for a limited time, invest as little as $2,000 and you’ll earn a $50 account bonus (before 9/30/2012). That $2000 in a savings account or even in most CDs wouldn’t even earn that much! So if you’re tired of chasing returns, weary from doing research on investments, fatigued from the worry of checking your portfolio every hour, make the switch to ShareBuilder and put your investing on auto-pilot. Most experts agree that it’s the best way to make the most with your retirement account so long as you rebalance annually and put your money into investments with the lowest amount of fees.

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