POLL: What is Your Personal Experience with Multi Level Marketing Opportunities?

by Ron Haynes

My post yesterday about 12 Things I Learned By 42 That I Wish I Knew At 22 sparked quite a lot of interest in Multi Level Marketing businesses. It generated a ton of spam comments which I thought was interesting, but it also got me quite a few emails about how I was wrong to discount MLM’s. I’m not the only one to do so.

I reminded everyone that these were items that I would go back and tell my 22 year old self based on my own experiences. Your mileage may vary but I’ll bet that if you learned many of the same things, you’d feel the same way as I do.

For the purpose or this poll, a profit is calculated as all revenues less all costs. Costs include your standing order tapes, your books, seminars, gasoline, and anything that your wouldn’t otherwise spend if you weren’t involved in the opportunity.

What is your experience with multi-level marketing opportunities? Here are the results of a two week poll.

• I’ve made a large profit.
1% One Vote

• I’ve made a small profit.
5% Eight Votes

• I’ve lost money.
36% 59 Votes

• I’ve turned down every MLM opportunity.
47% 78 Votes

• What’s a MLM?
8% 13 Votes

Total Votes: 165

The poll is open for only a short period of time. Once it’s closed, I’ll post about the results.
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Miss Britt

The trick is understand it is a SALES JOB before you start. It can be a lucrative job, and you do have much more flexibility as “your own boss”.

But it’s sales.

And most people shouldn’t go near a sales job.


Network Marketing is a VERY difficult industry. It is not for everyone. 95% of people that join fail. It takes a person years to figure out how to be profitable in this industry.

Most people quit because they originally fall into the hype of the marketing “See how I made $100,000 in one day without getting out of my pajamas!” The truth is, that is possible. BUT what they don’t say in that ad is “It took 12 long hard years of blood sweat, tears and failure and eating Raman Noodles to get here.” Thats the reality.

It takes a person of immense conviction to succeed at network marketing. Like most other last man standing professions. For instance, I’m in entertainment. I was broke for years with no where to go for work. But I loved Film Editing. Thousands of resumes sent out. The few gigs I did get, I was over worked and on a lot of cases, never paid. Backstabbers everywhere. But, I knew I could do it. I stuck to it. Parents told me get a real job. I doubted myself. Nonetheless, I had a vision. After almost a decade of being in the business seeing nothing but failure I’m just now reaping my rewards.

That’s what it takes.

Most people don’t have that.

Hillary Swank moved to LA with her mom living in a car for years because she had vision of what was possible. Less than a decade later she won an Academy Award.

The road to success isn’t easy. If it was everyone would have it. Independent success is often unconventional. It’s living and thinking outside the box. It’s not doing what the average person would do. Because the average person has an average life. For an extraordinary life it’s about taking risks, following through, learning from mistakes, and never bowing down to fear.

Are there a lot mlm scams, YES. Just like any business, few bad apples ruin the bunch. Most people fail because they give up. Results don’t happen in the time frame the expect so they blame they opportunity instead re assessing their goals. Just like most things in life. “It didn’t work on their time.”
As Joe Budden’s said. “Sometimes you gotta give time time.”

Great Site! Great Work! Keep it Up

Thanks for listening

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“You can have everything you want if you just help enough people get what they want” -Zig Ziglar-


You know what, Miss Britt, you are exactly right. It is a sales job. The problem I have is when MLM is presented as a business opportunity on par with a franchise or buying an existing business such as a hotel chain or software company. All of the MLM’s I’ve been exposed to present their business as such, with you as the CEO of a distribution/import/export company. It isn’t the same as a traditional company. Traditional companies don’t depend on their people to constantly recruit new distributors and use their sign up fees to keep the business afloat. They don’t constantly tell their workers of the vast riches that exist at “the next [insert name of precious stone or metal here] level.”

I also question the “You are your own boss” idea. Try avoiding the mandatory meetings, buying and selling products outside of the network, or using your own set of books, seminars, and functions without telling your upline. They WILL go around you.

If you decide to approach it as a sales job and you’re successful, more power to you. But like you said, not all people are cut out for sales jobs. My statistics indicate only about 10% of the population even remotely has the personality type to succeed in a sales position. But, like I said in another post, “I’ll cheer you on if you make a fortune because the economy needs more fortunes.”

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