How About Some Gasoline Insurance?

Gas insurance? Sounds crazy doesn’t it? When certain things get very expensive, those items can become hot commodities for thieves and those willing to buy stolen merchandise. Now, believe it or not…I’m not kidding…gas thieves have grown more and more brazen, stealing fuel at gunpoint from fuel delivery truck drivers, from the tanks of truck drivers (who carry hundreds of gallons), and even from individuals like you and me! Gas thieves are even resorting to drilling holes in fuel tanks (many gas tanks are plastic) and then catch the fuel in a container of some sort.

There are also many, many reports of fuel being siphoned from unlocked gas tanks, though some gas tanks are difficult to siphon because of “check balls,” which prevent fuel spillage in the event of a roll over. The high ground clearance of sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks make them particularly vulnerable to gas tank puncturing, but siphoning still seems to be the preferred method.

Something else to be wary of, gas thieves are stealing license plates so they can fill up their own vehicles, then drive off. When the gas station attendant reports the license plate number, it could be yours! Pay attention to your license plate. It it’s missing, report it to the police immediately. You might consider using a product such as Loctite to secure the plate to your vehicle. You’ll have a very difficult time removing the screws in the future, but so will the gas thieves.

How to prevent gas thieves

Park in a well lit area.
Park in an area with lots of foot traffic.
If you live in an apartment complex, ask management if there are regular patrols. If not, carefully select where you decide to park your vehicle. A locked garage is ideal.
Consider purchasing a car alarm.
If possible, get a motion sensing floodlight for your driveway.
Get a locking gas cap. For the price of 4 to 5 gallons, you can prevent the theft of $80 worth of gas. This is one insurance policy that only has a single payment!

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