Reader Mail: What Kind of Setup Do I Use for Blogging?

Mark (an RSS reader) is interested in jumping into the big, wide world of blogging and  recently asked what blogging setup I use, refering specifically to my computer.

In the beginning, I used a Dell laptop and it did a great job. Later I moved on to an HP laptop and then a Compaq (which is owned by HP). These were great setups for me and I was able to get The Wisdom Journal off and running. But these were just SO bulky and heavy that I was motivated to look for something lighter. I travel quite a lot with my job and I prefer to keep my company laptop and my personal blogging computer seperate. Trudging through airports with 2 laptops isn’t my idea of fun.

I finally bought a Gateway Netbook and I have never looked back. It has everything I need for blogging and it weighs less than most books!

If you’re interested in getting a better, more lightweight setup, I’d recommend looking into the options offered at They have some fabulous prices on Netbooks with the air card included and right now, the activation fee is WAIVED! The choices start at $149.99 and include HP, Compaq, Lenovo, and Acer.

My little netbook is perfect for early morning writing at the local coffee shop as well as while I’m waiting for my next plane. If you’re already happy with your computer, I’d also suggest a wireless card. They have some great prices on these little jewels and there’s nothing like being able to connect when you need to.

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