Roundup and Link Love – New Format Edition

by Ron Haynes

Inspired by Frugal Dad, I’m changing the format of my roundups. I’ll be spotlighting a single article from a blog, a sponsor, or other media, then highlighting five additional articles (The Fab Five). After that, a “best of the rest” section.


This week’s spotlight blog is My Money Minute, a personal finance blog from Jason, who “really became aware of his family financial situation about two years ago, and decided things needed to change.  Among your typical credit cards, furniture financing, and car loans … “ Jason has been regularly posting since January of this year about his battle with consumer debt and student loans. Here are a few of his posts:

Great job on these, Jason! I look forward to reading more!

The Fab Five

“You get what you DON’T pay” according to Jack Bogle (Investment advice from Jack Bogle), but did you know that investors paid over $70.6 billion in mutual fund management expenses and load fees in 2006? Investment management is truly a BIG business. That is a staggering amount of money NOT working for investors. Like my friend Allan Roth suggests, fees can eat you alive. Choose your investments wisely, keeping in mind how much you really earn after taxes AND fees. @ All Financial Matters.

invest, investor, investing, lending

Learning to delay gratification is at odds with our culture these days, but things may be changing for the better! Check out how to teach your teenager and yourself the importance of waiting. @ Gather Little By Little.

Has your company reduced the amount they match with your 401(k)? Phil’s company stopped matching ANYTHING on his. Read about his plans at PT Money.

I was glad to see a review of “Debt Cures by Kevin Trudeau” since I despise hearing that there are secrets only a few know. Lets just say that the facts don’t live up to the hype. Save your money and read personal finance blogs instead! @ The Dough Roller.

How prepared are you for a car accident? You could be in one on the way home so learn the 14 Things to Do Before and After a Car Accident. @ Squawkfox

The Best of The Rest

  • Why we think it’s OK to cheat and steal (sometimes). This is a great video on TED.
  • So you want to be the next Warren Buffett? How’s your writing?
  • Unemployment rates from around the world.
  • Weekly bailouts slow to a trickle…for now.
  • What a deal! Only $25 million per mile for repaving roads? Just wait until the government takes over healthcare.
  • All the April 15th Tea Parties were about tax philosophy more than anything else.
  • Four reasons to be cheerful. Good times are certainly not far away.
  • Since April is financial literacy month, here are 30 steps to financial wellness.
  • Ponzi schemes flock to YouTube.

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