Roundup and Link Love – Brain Surgery Edition

by Ron Haynes

My aunt just came through surgery to repair an aneurysm located an inch deep inside her brain on the right side. Thankfully, she’s recovering quite nicely and is in full control of all her faculties. She even recognized that my Mom had changed outfits!

The surgeon said he got there just in time because the aneurysm was 4 centimeters across and had begun to blister. He said it was about to blow open and if it had, she would have hemorrhaged and no one would have been able to help her. Death would have been instantaneous.

We don’t realize how fragile our lives are. An aneurysm can pop up out of nowhere and kill you. A tiny virus could mutate tomorrow and wipe out most of the human race. We are so confident in ourselves and in our technology and ability to overcome that we sometimes forget the fragility of life. By forgetting, I believe we cheapen life.

One thing I’ve learned by blogging for the last four months is there are TONS of people willing to help. To all of you, THANK YOU. To all the readers of this blog, THANK YOU. To all the people who have linked to this blog and helped make it a success, THANK YOU. I am grateful to have been helped by you and I hope to return the kindness.

Here are a few links you might like to check out.

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Madison shows us how to develop your OWN dollar plan.

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Kacie with Sense to Save says to make installment payments to yourself.

Ana from DebtFREE-Revolution has tips to graduate college with ZERO debt.

Mrs. Micah has a surprising antidote to moping.

Glblguy tells how he deals with a certain temptation in his life.

Mr. Cheap at Quest for Four Pillars has an extremely interesting post on “shotgun” investing.

The Dough Roller gives us an example of how your home equity line of credit can blow up on you.

Plonkee has some great ideas on 21 resources for budget travel.

Uncommon-cents reminds us of the economy of technology and the joy of stocks.

Hope you enjoy your weekend and please don’t forget to always be thankful for the little things as well as the big ones. The little things matter.

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Mrs. Micah

Hey Ron, I’m glad you liked my antidote. Finding new and silly things to do has been very helpful for my brain.

Life is amazingly fragile, but that’s also part of what makes it precious. And people are surprisingly resilient, especially when they team up…for example, all the babies in the neonatal ICU where I work are such little fighters and the nurses are so good at caring for them.


#Mrs. Micah→

It was neat. Thanks for putting it together!

That neonatal ICU must really give you some ideas for inspirational blog posts…


Ron – Glad to hear the good news about your aunt. Thanks for the link and putting me right at the top! :cool:


She’s doing remarkably well. Appreciate all your hard work in the blogosphere!

Frugal Dad

Ron, great news on your aunt’s condition. I hope her recovery continues to be speedy and full! Thanks for mentioning my allowance article. Great roundup!


It’s good to hear that your Aunt is well now. I hope her recovery goes smoothly.

Four Pillars

Thanks for the link and I hope your aunt is doing well!



Ron.. Browsing your site after long. Looks like you’ve done a good job writing .. and your followers have grown a lot :)



Thanks for the mention! I hope your aunt (and the rest of you are well and doing fine).

Brip Blap

You’re right, life is awfully fragile. My second child is on the way in a couple of days and you do realize how precious life is, and how fragile it is when you witness a birth.

Thanks for the mention and I hope your aunt is doing well!

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