Roundup and Link Love – Date with My Wife Edition

by Ron Haynes

I must admit, I haven’t taken my wonderful wife out as much as I should have over the past few years. What with finishing my MBA, work, starting this blog, and just, well, life in general, our spare time has been at a premium. But several weeks ago I found out that Jesse Cook was coming to Memphis and I knew we had to go. In case you don’t know who Jesse Cook is, be sure and watch the video below. He is awesome!

My favorite video is one of him performing Dance of Spring (for some reason You Tube won’t let me embed this one so follow the link!).

Here are some of the great posts I’ve read from the Life Skills Network and beyond this week:

Enjoy the links! After we go out to eat at Carrabas, we’re heading to the concert. Woo Hoo!

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Thanks for the link, Ron! I think you’re the man!



This is great! I truly enjoyed your insight and thanks for the music.

My wife of 43+ years have been on many dates even with our children at home.
We can slip into ruts and kinda forget that we must keep the spark going to continue the flame. I love my wife and want to let her know that she is on my mind daily.
I am encouraged to see young men like you, loving and caring for their wives.

Everyone on here has given me some good tips.

Great post!!

ryan alton

Your right he is awesome! I love your website. you have really done a good job.

Broke Grad Student

Thanks for the mention! Hope you had fun night with your wife.

Gotta date your wife!!! While we guys may not “need” it, our wives do. I don’t do it nearly enough but and getting better every day. Now that our 12 year old can do some of the baby sitting, this has gotten much easier for us!

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