Roundup and Link Love – Final Tax Deadline 2008 Edition

by Ron Haynes

It’s almost here: October 15th, that is. If you’ve filed an extension to complete your tax forms, you have 11 days to go. I wouldn’t wait around if I were you. Gather up your information, and do your taxes for FREE with TurboTax Federal Free Edition.

Here are this week’s great articles and posts from the Life Skills Network:

Why cash offers more flexibility than gift cards @ Frugal Dad. I agree. We recently tried to purchase some items using a gift card and the cashier “couldn’t get it to work.” I had checked the balance by telephone and knew it had $15 remaining but the cashier insisted that it was worthless. Only when a supervisor came along did I get credit for that $15. Cash IS king!

4 secrets of the successfully self employed @ Marc and Angel Hack Life. Marc made a very important point, no matter who your employer is, no matter who signs your paycheck, you work for YOURSELF and you have only two products: time and knowledge. Great post.

What is your weakness? @ My Dollar Plan. Madison reveals her weakness: College Football and all the trappings such as season tickets, tailgating, food in the stadium, eating out along the way to the game, etc. Madison, I share your weakness! The question she asks readers is “how much does your weakness cost YOU?”

Long term thinking is your greatest tool for success @ My Supercharged Life. Success is an attitude, and according to Jeff, that attitude should have a long term vision. Long term thinkers give up those things that instantly gratify so they can enjoy a much deeper satisfaction later.

Baby steps toward a saner life @ On Simplicity. Who couldn’t use more sanity in their life. Sara outlines some really simple ideas to un-complicate, un-clutter, and un-crazy your life. Give them a try.

Enjoy a simple Christmas with a well planned budget @ Simple Mom. We’ve budgeted for Christmas for about 12 years now and it has been a lifesaver. But this post is about more than just budgeting. Simple Mom encourages readers to find ways to make extra money over the holidays as well as map out what they plan to spend before hitting the stores. Great advice!

From the rest of the web:

We’ve bailed out banks, car manufacturers, insurance companies, investment houses, and now the state of California? @ The LA Times
Fear and complexity: Why politicized science is dangerous @ Michael Crighton
STOP WORRYING ABOUT THE ELECTION! (emphasis mine) @ Ludwig von Mises
10 frugal steps to help you survive a tough economy @ The Digerati Life
Are you a millionaire in the making? @ Dough Roller
9 cheap and easy ways to prepare your home for winter @ One Caveman’s Financial Journey
Your family budget step by step @ Small Notebook
The lengths some parents go for their kids schools @ Quest for Four Pillars
The trouble with living the frugal lifestyle Part One @ PT Money
Are you worried about your job? @ Money Ning
A new economic agenda I can 99% agree with @ My Two Dollars
Your HELOC is not your emergency fund @ Mrs Micah
Pork Barrel spending and the economic bailout @ Five Cent Nickel
Before you sign that rental agreement @ Being Frugal
Tough times for borrowers @ Uncommon Cents
Free creative ideas to help friends facing foreclosure or bankruptcy @ The Passive Dad

Enjoy the links and if you haven’t finished your taxes, you better get started!

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