Roundup and Link Love – Garage Sale 2008 Edition

by Ron Haynes

How in the world did we ever accumulate so much STUFF? It blows my mind. Back when my wife and I purchased our first home, I can remember the basement garage looking so barren. It actually had an echo! Our walk-in attic was HUGE. Those two areas were larger than any apartment we had ever rented yet, by the time we sold that home, the garage was overloaded, you couldn’t walk into the attic, and we had to give away two 16 foot trailers full of stuff because we couldn’t get everything into the moving van. We didn’t even take our living room furniture, my son’s bed, or my daughter’s entire bedroom suit with us. We bought new after we were moved.

Today, I think it would take a 48 foot moving van to get us out of our new house. The kicker is: 95% of this STUFF isn’t even used or needed and probably wouldn’t be missed. So, we’re selling it! Woo Hoo! What doesn’t sell is getting donated and I’ll take that tax write-off thank you very much.

Here are some great articles on reducing clutter from the Life Skills Network:

  • T.A.M.E. the Clutter Critter @ Frugal Dad – I know, I know, this was a guest post from yours truly. I’m putting it into action!
  • Charitable Giving Important Even During Economic Downturn @ My Supercharged Life. I’ll be getting a nice write off from all the stuff that doesn’t sell. There is always stuff that doesn’t sell in a garage sale.
  • We Sold My Car! What Worked and What Didn’t”> @ My Dollar Plan. I don’t have a “real” car, but we are selling one of those big battery operated cars for kids. My son has just outgrown it and it takes up a lot of room.
  • 30 Articles that Will Help You Simplify Your Life. Simplicity is just one of the things I;m after. Easier cleanliness is another. When everything is cluttered, it is SO much harder to keep things clean.
  • 4 Ways To Purge Your Closet @ On Simplicity. The closets are next on my list. I have a ton of old clothes, but I think I may sell this on Ebay as a “lot” instead.
  • A Declutterer’s Guide to Storing Photos @ Simple Mom. Wow, this was a great post for those of us who have pictures everywhere. Thanks to simple mom for a great plan to store these keepsakes.

Enjoy the links. We have some pricing to do!

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