Roundup and Link Love – Need a New Grill Edition

by Ron Haynes

PIMG_3245Well, the old grill has bit the dust. We bought it brand new 4 years ago and the weather and the detrimental effects of propane have finally taken their toll. I’ve looked into buying replacement parts, but the parts alone would almost cost the same as a new grill! What to do? What to do…? I love to grill out too much to forsake the practice, but at least I still have an old fashioned grill that uses charcoal briquettes. I love the flavor they give, but they never do seem to get (and stay) hot enough to adequately cook. Do you guys have any suggestions?

If I was living in Africa, I could be considering how to grill some of the animals Frugal Dad saw on his safari.

Jeff at My Supercharged Life has a list of adventures that no one should miss out on. I’ll add grilling in Africa to the list!

Sara at On Simplicity says that bad timing can kill good habits and I couldn’t agree more. The charcoal always seems to lose its heat and kill my habit of eating thoroughly cooked hamburgers.

Madison is leaving the workforce at 29. She asks, “What do I do from here?” My answer: go to cooking school and learn to be a grill chef extraordinaire! I’ll eat your homework.

Marc knows what I’m talking about! Read #25 in his post 101 Dirt Cheap Ways to Enjoy Yourself.

Simple mom advocates using gift registries as your own personal wish list to help those who plan to buy you a gift, actually give you something you want. I haven’t seen too many grills on gift registries, but I think it’s a FANTASTIC idea!

Patrick writes an article comparing the similarities between carbohydrates and debt. Grilled sirloin anyone?

Enjoy the links. I’m off to investigate a new grill.

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I’d say use your standard grill for the rest of the season, then find a gas grill on clearance when fall/winter rolls around. Or, if you have the patience, you may be able to wait until the new models come in next year and pick one up then. But I think your best bet will be to get one this fall.


That’s what we will probably do. I think the new ones will come out pretty cheap with the economy the way it is.


No reason to ask for gifts until you get married, have a baby or get a new job and move into a new house.

It doesn’t sound as if you are doing any of those things though.
Do at least one of those things and you might be surprised at what you would get! :-)

Seriously though, we bought a new grill last Spring.
It has been wonderful!
Didn’t pay too much for it, even though it was the height of the season.
We spent less than $200.00.
Who wants to spend any more than that, unless you are putting in an outside kitchen?
But, who would have thought, an inexpensive new grill could bring so much happiness? :-)
It’s bigger, cleaner, and cooks almost as well as my Thermodore! :-)

And….everything is going to be on sale, as summer winds down.

God bless America!!!

Elliott - 21st Century Dad

The natural wood charcoal burns longer and hotter. The local Brazillian food market sells them. You just light the bag, no lighter fluid needed!

I picked up a free charcoal grill on Free Cycle. The best $0 I ever spent.

Toblerone from Simple Mom

Love your theme! Very apropos for the end of the summer. We love a basic $200 Weber – my hubby actually prefers charcoal to propane.

Thanks for including me!

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