Roundup and Link Love Pre-Election Edition

Depending on the number and complexity of the lawsuits that will inevitably be filed after November 4th, this time next weekend, we should know who our next President will be. Regardless of who you plan to vote for (or maybe you’ve already voted), make your choice an informed one. Ask yourself which candidate’s ideas, voting record, and stance on the important issues most closely mirror your own. And please don’t make your selection based on emotions or feelings, but on an honest evaluation of each candidate’s record and how they will impact future generations. This IS one case where past performance probably IS indicative of future results.

Obama and the Politics of Crowds @ The Wall Street Journal

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How the Obama and McCain Tax Plans Will Affect America’s Small Businesses @ The Heritage Foundation

Two Kinds of Change: Comparing the Candidates on Foreign Policy @ The Cato Institute

The Obama and McCain Tax Plans: How Do They Compare? @The Heritage Foundation

Antisocial Government Disorder @ Mises Economics Blog

How’s Obama Going To Raise $4.3 Trillion? @ The Cato Institute

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