Roundup and Link Love – Roll Tide BBQ Edition

I love college football! Yesterday, my family and I drove to Fayetteville, Arkansas to watch The University of Alabama Crimson Tide have a little BBQ, defeating the Hogs of Arkansas 49 – 14. It was some very sweet BBQ indeed! Today, I’m very hoarse, and a just a little sunburned (it could’ve been worse without that SPF 50). All in all, it was a fun weekend with my wife and kids since we adore our Crimson Tide!

Here are some great links for your weekend reads:

From the Life Skills Network:

  • The Wisdom Journal was featured on MSN this week! Thanks to Karen Datko and Donna Freedman for highlighting my post titled “50 Frugal Things You Aren’t Doing.”
  • From Marc and Angel Hack Life: 77 keys to living well before you die. Notice as you read these, how many of them focus on others. Also notice how they force you to live up to your potential through educating yourself or through simple acts of common sense. >/li>
  • From My Dollar Plan: 29 steps I took to leave the workforce at age 29. My personal favorite thing was #1–start early. I used Madison’s post just this morning in a talk with my teenage girls to motivate them to save more money rather than waste it on things that won’t matter. Have fun, but don’t think you have to see every movie that comes out.
  • From My Supercharged Life: How do we really judge other people? Judging someone isn’t wrong, so long as you use the right methods. Jeff gives us a list of really good factors to consider when you have to make those judgment calls.
  • From Fugal Dad: Girl turns to prostitution to pay off debt. Here is an opportunity to judge someone’s actions! You ALWAYS have alternatives to pay off your liabilities. ALWAYS! If you ask your kids to list 12 ways to save money today, I guarantee they will come up with some ideas you never thought of!
  • From Simple Mom: Dress up daily life with a sweet piece of jewelry. Toblerone is giving away a piece of Lisa Leonard jewelry and you have a chance to enter!
  • From On Simplicity: 3 things you bought or received and never used. Can I only list three? Mine would be 1. Fine china 2. A portable fire pit and 3. Our dining room set. What are your three?

From all over the blogosphere:

The Idols Of Crowds by Dr. Thomas Sowell via Liberty Pen.
Beyond CarFax: Tips for Buying Used Cars via Cash Money Life.
Maybe you’re noy buying but selling, so here’s tips for selling a used car via Gather Little By Little.
How to be sure your deposits are FDIC insured via Five Cent Nickel. In today’s environment, you better make sure!
Mrs Micah gives some calming advice about selling your stocks. Her advice is to take a much longer view of things.
15 famous quotes on money via Milk Your Money. My favorite was “Poverty consists in feeling poor” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Ryan asks if there is anything positive in this market? His answer – YES! Just remember that in the short run, the market is just a popularity contest, but in the long run, the market is much more accurate in establishing a business’s value.
That One Caveman has some really neat plans for hosting a frugal murder mystery party. This sounds like it would be fun.
My good friend Andy Wood at LifeVesting has written a wonderful piece titled How to Restore Your Losses. Losses can extend far beyond just the monetary realm and we need to have a sure foundation to be able to handle whatever this fallen world throws at us. Thanks Andy, I needed this one!

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