Roundup and Link Love: The Point of Personal Finance Blogs

Imagine going to the grocery store to get some ideas on what to fix for a dinner party. As you’re pinching the fruit to test for ripeness, a man walks up to tell you that EVERYBODY needs to eat apples at least twice each day. Nonplussed, you meander to the bakery where a woman insists that all ciabatta bread is disgusting. Moving right along to the seafood aisle, a couple loudly proclaims that all dinner parties must serve grouper. It would be kinda ridiculous, wouldn’t it?

I think the same thing applies to a lot of what we read on the Internet. People’s opinions, good and bad, have a way of showing up and not all of it is applicable to you (you and your dinner guests may LOVE ciabatta bread!).

One size personal finance does not fit all

When I read the work of other bloggers or writers, I can see that each has taken their circumstances and played them to their advantage using the basic tenets of good money management. Personal finance IS personal!

Though there are some reliable guidelines, there are very few rules that are applicable to every person in every situation, so the next time you read a headline that says “everyone” or “all,” take it with a grain of salt.

By the numbers:

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