Roundup and Link Love – Where Did Everbody Go Edition

by Ron Haynes

There sure have been a lot of guest posts the past few weeks. I hope everyone is going on vacation and getting recharged. Too many times, FAR too many times, we view vacations as a weakness here in our workaholic US of A, but vacations and time off are meant to recharge us. They’re meant to rest our minds, our bodies (sometimes) and our spirits. They’re meant for us to spend time enjoying life, not slaving away in a cubicle or office, pecking on a keyboard.

Recharging your cell phone is good, isn’t it? It’s a proactive step that prevents burnout. It allows for greater usage and usability. Recharging on a regular basis is GOOD for the batteries. So make sure you recharge your own batteries!

Here are this weeks fantastic links. Please visit, read, and subscribe to these sites. I do!

I wrote a guest post at Frugal Dad on lessons from grandma’s cookie jar.

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Lynnae at Being Frugal had a guest post from Bob at ChristianPF on putting your financial life on one page.

Over at Gather Little By Little, he’s fighting splogs that want him to guest post, but they don’t ask.

JD from Get Rich Slowly had a guest post from Brandt at Wealth and Wisdom on how to network your way to job security. Very timely advice!

Shilpan Patel from Success Soul guest posted for Jeff at My Supercharged Life, writing about the fine art of saying NO!

Simple Mom was on vacation, too! Her guest post was on keeping a clutter free home courtesy of Emily from Remodeling This Life.

If you want to push your job prospects beyond the interview, check out these tips and strategies for AFTER the job interview at My Dollar Plan. This was a guest post from Ben at Trees Full of Money.

Marc wrote a brilliant article that I wish had been guest posted on MY site! 28 Unique Bits of Financial Brilliance was a fabulous article that you need to read and bookmark.

Enjoy your weekend!

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