Saving vs Spending – Cavuto and Ramsey

by Ron Haynes

We’re spending, but spending to reduce our debt!

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Erica Douglass

Thank you, Dave Ramsey, for a bit of sanity! I read that article and nearly choked. It made me completely reconsider buying a subscription to the WSJ.

Ron, if you’re interested in learning more, I suggest anything on Austrian economics vs. Keynesian. has a great blog running about how Austrian economics will save the day — if only we’ll listen. (Keynesians are the ones who think we can spend ourselves out of this mess.) Ramsey gets it, and I’m happy about that. Suze Orman also took articles like this to task recently.



Hey, thanks! I’ve been an “Austrian” for a long time. Mises is in my reader and on my blogroll. I’ve also got the Cato Institute as well as the Heritage Foundation in there. Have you ever checked out Advocates for Self Government?


I feel like paying down my debt is finally “spending” the money I used a few years ago to buy the things that I didn’t think I could live without but couldn’t afford to buy. Perhaps it’s delayed spending! Perhaps it’s helping to keep the credit card companies from needing a bailout (probably not). Whatever it is, it’s part of the whole big realignment that needs to be done before we can finally begin to move forward.

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