Say Goodbye to Unemployment and Make YOUR Money Online

by Ron Haynes

It’s not uncommon to encounter people without a job these days. Anytime there’s a downturn in the economy, the first casualty is usually  jobs with some simply disappearing while others become scarce. You currently may be without a job, but you still have to pay for your home, rent, food, kids’ education, and home mortgage and car loans. And without a steady supply of income, paying those bills can be tough. In situations like these, enterprising people have learned to turn to the Internet to make extra money while their search for a job continues on. The good new is that the Internet is full of opportunities, it’s only a matter of how well you utilize them to see you through any difficult phases of your life.

Whether you’re photographer, a writer, a salesman, a teacher or some other professional you will not fail to make money online … if you do it right. When you first venture into the online world, you may be frustrated by the speed (or lack thereof) your endeavors produce any real income. This is the time you are supposed to remain calm and try harder! Once you have grasped the nuances of making extra money online, you may not want to give up! Once you get a taste of that freedom, you may even not want a day job. Thousands of men and women are already using the Internet to make big money online … could you be next?

Why You Need a Website to Succeed Online

Having your own website can prove to be a very valuable asset for your endeavor. It will help you solicit business in ways you would never have imagined. Professional photographers use it for showcasing their skills at photography, writers use it for seeking writing assignments and e-commerce specialists use it for driving traffic to merchant websites. The little investment you make on your website is worth it, and fortunately it does not have to cost you a fortune. A website in itself is not a guarantee of success — you will have to promote your website or blog ferociously. You should consider spending time and some resources on optimizing your website, doing whatever it takes to get your website seen and discussed on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Using Content Management Systems for Building Websites

Building your websites was once a specialist’s profession but with the advent of content management systems (CMS) like Joomla, WordPress and Drupal, even those with little knowledge of HTML coding are able to build their website from scratch. The only prerequisite to building your own website is a basic knowledge of computers, Internet and web hosting, though there is a learning curve to it.

Fortunately for you, CMSs are easy to learn and the programs are downloadable for free. There are also hundreds of websites that you can scour for themes, templates and widgets to enhance your sites performance and appearance. Though you can download most of the resources free, we recommend you to consider ordering a paid version, and the reason for that is you are assured of support and great features.

Which CMS to Use for Your Website?

Joomla is primarily aimed at people who want an e-Commerce website, and WordPress is generally for blogs, though both have now evolved into multitasking programs. Drupal is somewhere between the two and has a smaller following worldwide though in terms of utility it matches the other two. Most web hosting service providers have CMS preinstalled, saving you the trouble of installing them yourself. However, we suggest you check that they have the latest version running on the host servers.

Before you select a hosting service provider, do some research on which one is best for you (this blog uses Bluehost). Some of them will offer you freebies which should not be the basis for your decision to order services. There are excellent resources in the Internet that you can access to educate yourself before you choose the right service provider. Price alone should not be the deciding factor.

Professional Hosting fro Just Host
Once you are at the website you will be introduced to the basic of making your website. The lessons begin with an introduction to blogging and gradually progress into how you can monetize your blog. There is a huge community of WordPress users who discuss the program, its upgrades, and support features. Support will never be a problem for you using WordPress. For learning more about WordPress and building your website click here.

Joomla, like WordPress is again a free to use CMS and has a very large user base. There is virtually nothing that you cannot do with it. From building blogs to mega e-Commerce websites, it performs beautifully. You can download the program from their official website and there are complete instructions on installing it on the host computer and on your local computer for trial run. You should spend some time on the program before you can actually build your website though it is easy. You can access the Joomla website by clicking here.

Where the Money is Online

We recommend 3 streams for making money online – Join an affiliate program like e-bay and drive traffic to website, join an affiliate like Commission Junction and/or choose Google’s PPC (Pay per Click) program, Adsense.

  • To learn more about e-bay’s programs for publishers (that is you) click here 
  • To learn more about Commission Junction program for publishers click here
  • To learn more about Google’s PPC click here

If you have bigger plans and investments in mind, then you should become a merchant yourself and use your website as your front store. Whichever product you may want to promote on your website, be knowledgeable about it. Give your visitors value for money by way of free unbiased write-ups and product information.

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