Should I Try Netflix’s FREE Two Week Trial Offer?

by Ron Haynes

I’ve never tried them, but Netflix is appealing to me simply because their cost structure is as low as $4.99 per month and they’re offering a free 2-week trial.

Many of the movies available at my local video rental store are recent and there are some older titles that I’d love to be able share with my kids.

What’s your take? Should I give it a go? Have you tried them?

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Positively Present

Great question! I’ve been wondering the same thing. I’m going to check back to see what others have to say about this.

Matthew @

Most definitely try it. Netflix is actually quite a great service as long as you have the will-power to handle it properly. The one downfall that we had was that I felt like we always needed to get the movies watched so that we could get it back in the mail, so that the next one could come. Although there are no due dates, it caused me to give myself stress related to getting the movies watched so that we didn’t waste our subscription. Currently we just use Redbox when we want a movie (talk about a bad selection), but we’re considering trying to catch up on some TV series, such as Heroes by renting the episodes on DVD and thought that Netflix would be the perfect solution.


YES! I have nothing but positive things to say about Netflix. I have been with them for 18 months. The movies come SUPER fast. Most of the time if I mail a movie back on a Monday, they will let me know they have it on Tuesday and Wednesday the replacement is in my mailbox!
We are 30 miles from the nearest movie theater or video rental store, so Netflix works great for us. I have had no problems with them at all.


Yes, try them. I’ve been a member for a year now on the $4.99/month plan. Actually, it’s $5.33 after tax :-)
I use the queue to store the movies I want to watch. If I can get a movie at the library then I delete it from the queue.


Netflix is well worth the five bucks a month. Try it!

Erica Douglass

I feel kind of weird commenting here because it seems like every post is an ad, and this one is no exception. I don’t know if you’re really curious, or if you’re just hoping people sign up so you can make a few bucks.

Assuming you’re asking an honest question, I really enjoy our Netflix account, but you have to be diligent about your queue. Richard (my boyfriend) is much better about this than I am. Without him, I wouldn’t get much use from Netflix. But he keeps 50+ movies in the queue and gently reminds me to send movies back that I’m not interested in. That works out OK.



Well, it was an honest question.
If someone IS interested in signing up, I do hope they’ll use the link on my site, kind of the same thing with how your blog has helped you. According to your own Blog Success Manifesto, you “have accepted offers for speaking engagements, sold products, created your own products, and learned how to shoot, produce, and edit video …” As your blog grows, you “expect it will help [you] write and produce a best selling book, as well as more easily sell [your] own products.” Your blog will “be instrumental in the creation of [your] next million-dollar business.”

So, do I understand that your blog is just a conduit to help you sell some stuff so “you can make a few bucks?”

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

Erica Douglass

Hi Ron,

I say this because of the links in your posts. Every linked word jumps out as “bold” when I read–just the way I read, I suppose. And your links are mostly either to your other blog posts (which I don’t mind) or are affiliate links. It’s the pervasive affiliate links as part of the content that bothers me.


So your affiliate links to Amazon and Aweber in your ebook as part of the content don’t bother you?

Or the links in blog posts such as:

Don’t your own affiliate links bother you?

That pot and kettle argument seems to be coming into play.


I love Netflix & I love I that I can find them in my mailbox & return them with such ease~right back in the mailbox!! My dh & I have 2 Netflix accounts…one for his “blue ray” DVD’s & mine is for standard DVD’s….we both have the $8.99 plan. (His is actually $1 more for the Blue Ray discs). We spend the same amount of money (total of BOTH accts.) for unlimited DVD’s as we would if we went to the movies. So for us, we see it as a real bargain.

My husband is retired, so obviously, he is getting much more use than his WORKING WIFE!! Between the 2 of us, we end up with about 8-12 movies a month. The Netflix hub for our area is one mailing day if we get a movie on Monday afternoon, watch it Monday evening, put it in Tuesday’s mail, we have a new movie by Wednesday.

I have also exercised the unlimited “option” of “putting my account on hold” when we travel or are going to be too busy to watch movies. I may be wrong on this, but I believe your fees are also suspended at the same time.

Even if you rent a movie @ a local store & have to return it, you are paying the cost of gas & your time to do so. In our busy life…it is an area where we feel we are saving money & time…

I say go for it ….try’ll love it!!


I’ve got to say I love Netflix. For several years now my wife and I have used Netflix in lieu of cable TV.

One feature to consider is their “Play it now” option. If you have internet at home they have a big selection of movies that you can stream to your computer or TV (with an Xbox or Roku box) in addition to whatever movies you’re getting through the mail.

This is a great feature for watching older movies or favorites. We love old film noir flicks and the classics and the Netflix selection (streaming and via mail) is way better than most brick and mortar stores.

Also, I like that Netflix is low pressure. If you don’t like something, you haven’t paid any more for it and can send it back or stop streaming. (“Robin Hood Prince of Thieves” on play it now was a bad choice.)

Little House

Definitely give it a try. I love Netflix and have been a subscriber since the inception of the company. But, I have to say, my husband and I watch a movie every night, instead of television. For us, Netflix is more cost effective because we utilize it so frequently. I posted an article today about how much I love Netflix.

So, If you’re still not sure, this article may help you decide.

-Little House

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