Site Update – June 2008 Edition

The month of June was a good one at The Wisdom Journal! Many thanks to everyone who visited and who linked to this site.

Here are my top 12 referrers for the month of June:

1. Frugal Dad
2. Free Money Finance
3. Being Frugal
4. Moolanomy
5. Consumerism Commentary
6. Cash Money Life
7. Simple Mom
8. My Dollar Plan
9. Gather Little By Little
10. Marc and Angel Hack Life
11. Millionaire Money Habits
12. My Supercharged Life

Thank you to everyone who sent traffic to The Wisdom Journal!

Here are my top 5 posts for the month:
1. Common Interview Questions for the New Graduate
2. 26 Ways to Make Extra Money While Keeping Your Day Job
3. 12 Reasons High Gas Prices Are GOOD for America
4. 12 Things I Learned by 42 That I Wish I Knew at 22
5. My Top 5 Personal Finance Blunders

I hit a total of 911 feeds on June 23 (my 18 year annicersary!) and had a total of 24,501 pageviews with 14,623 absolute unique visitors to the site.

All I can say is WOW! THANK YOU! I am deeply grateful for all the referrals and visitors to The Wisdom Journal.

I hope I can continue to post information and articles that meet your needs and hold your interest. As always, if there is ever anything you would like me to blog about or research, send me an email at thewisdomjournal at gmail dot com.

About the author

Ron Haynes has written 1055 articles on this blog.

Ron is the founder and editor of The Wisdom Journal. He has worked in banking, distribution, retail, and upper management for companies ranging in size from small startups to multi-billion dollar corporations. He graduated Suma Cum Laude from a top MBA program and currently is a partner in a national building materials company.

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