Steps to Develop Decisiveness

by Ron Haynes

July 31 2008  212/366 - Colorful choices!Think back to some great leaders you’ve known or studied. Chances are, one of their characteristics was decisiveness. They knew how to change their thoughts and plans into wise, assertive actions. They moved toward their passions. They didn’t sit around worrying about making important decisions. Worry is similar to sitting on a rocking chair. You may be moving, but you’re not going anywhere.

If you want to develop the characteristic of decisiveness in your business or personal life, take a moment to ask yourself what things might be stumbling blocks that prevent you from making decisions.

My list used to look like this:

  • Feelings that it won’t matter
  • Fear
  • Lack of support
  • Worry
  • Too many choices
  • Procrastination

Develop decisiveness with the next decision you face.

Once I identified my personal stumbling blocks to decisiveness, I used this 5 step strategy to reduce or eliminate those obstructions and began moving forward:

1. I acknowledged my indecision but I took positive steps anyway.
Taking the next step is always the first step toward progress. If you’ve taken the time to break your tasks or decisions into smaller ones, that next step is much easier.

2. I had to learn to accept that no one and no plan is perfect.
I resolved to make the best decision I could based on the information I had available at the time. That’s the best you can do so accept it and quit fretting!

3. I created a “What If” log and wrote down all possible scenarios and how to address them or a plan to address them. Make sure to refer back to #2 here. There are almost always unintended consequences to every action, but you need to have some idea of what will happen if “X” strategy is used. Never leave yourself just two alternatives.


4. I also created a log to record each decision I made. This log turned into a great review tool to help me make future decisions. I didn’t have to create the wheel over and over again and it became a road map for similar future decisions.

5. I reviewed my decisions regularly to help me decide if I was making the right ones. Reviewing decisions regularly and evaluating them was the key to insure that not only was I developing decisiveness, but was developing it by making good decisions. Knowing that you’re making better decisions helps reduce the stress of making them in the first place.

Decisiveness is a characteristic of high-performing men and women. Almost any decision is better than no decision at all. –Brian Tracy

Developing a decisive persona is within your grasp. First, identify what’s in your way, then acknowledge those road blocks and take small steps to overcome indecision. You can do it.

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