Want a Free $50 from ING DIRECT?

It’s easy! For the first time ever, ING DIRECT is promoting a $50 bonus for new customers opening an Electric Orange checking account. Now you can profit just by signing up!

Get YOUR $50 bonus from ING DIRECT today!

ING DIRECT $50 bonus checking account details

Users who open a new Electric Orange checking account will be eligible to receive a $50 bonus. The bonus will be directly deposited into their account provided they use their Electric Orange Card to make at least 3 signature-based purchases in the first 45 days after the account has been opened. Your $50 bonus will automatically be deposited into your account on day 50.

Honestly folks, how much easier could it get?

About Electric Orange
In an era of increasing bank fees, Electric Orange provides a breath of fresh air.

  • No Fees
  • No Minimums
  • Free access to over 35,000 ATMs
  • The ability to send money to friends and family via P2P Payments. It’s fast and free.

Don’t delay. I’m not sure how long this bonus offer will last.

Click here to open your account today and score your $50!

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