Wealth is Thoughts, Not Things

Yesterday, JD at Get Rich Slowly wrote an article on Five Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires. The article centered more on how wealthy people think and on simple actions that pay off big. Some of those included a drive to get more education, working on something you feel passionate about, taking risks, paying yourself first, and most importantly, having a vision. The discussion that followed was very interesting.

My idea is that the truly wealthy people didn’t get that way from inheritance, lotteries, or get-rich-quick-pyramid-let-me-”sponsor”-you schemes. They got that way because of how they viewed themselves, their money, their opportunities, and their willingness to take action steps that would lead them closer to their goals. Rarely do their goals include getting rich, rather their goals are to create something of lasting value, to make a living doing something they love to do anyway, or to create a legacy for themselves and their families. Business just happens to be the vehicle that takes them to the destination.

Wealth resides in the mind. So does poverty. Both are measurable. Both are states of mind.

How do you view yourself? What people see on the outside is usually just a mirror image of what’s on the inside. But don’t get discouraged if you have to honestly admit that you think negative thoughts about yourself. Just willingly, consciously, definitely change your thoughts? How do you do that?

Changing your thoughts begins with writing down the type of person you want to be and then repeating that phrase to yourself over and over until it is ingrained in your mind at the subconscious level. Make it positive and you’ll become a more positive person. Constantly tell yourself negative things, and you’ll start to believe them. Some people call it a personal mission statement, others call it your major definite purpose.

Remember this chain:

  • Thoughts become words.
  • Words become actions.
  • Actions become habits.
  • Habits become character.
  • Your character determines your destiny.

Determine today that you will only tell yourself positive things. You get enough criticism from the outside world. There’s no need to heap more of it upon yourself!

Next, make sure you follow up with actions. Take your positive thoughts and words and turn them into positive actions, actions that move you along the path to your goals. If your goal is to retire at a certain age, you will have to take certain actions throughout your life to get you there. Positive words and thoughts without positive actions is like a ship with no sails. It looks good, but still floats along wherever the current takes it.

If your goal is to find a spouse, take your positive thoughts and words and turn them into positive actions. By being a positive person, you’ll attract people like a magnet anyway. No one wants to be around a negative, complaining person.

If your goal is to start a business, decide what you want to do, speak positively to yourself about it, then get moving. Take classes. Talk to other entrepreneurs. Find a mentor or coach. Take action.

Remember that wealth is different from riches. Riches are made up of money, cars, real estate, boats, businesses, and tangible things. True wealth cannot be grasped because it resides in the mind and THAT can never be taken away.

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