Weekend Roundup Too Much Work Edition

by Ron Haynes

Work has been consuming a lot of my time recently. I’ve been out on the road for either 6 or 7 weeks (I’ve lost count) and it’s getting tiring! I get to go home this afternoon to my sweet little family and I am looking forward to it! While I’m on the plane, hopefully you can read some of these amazing posts from the week:

Jeff at My Supercharged Life has written a series about Things I Learned Living on a Budget. This is a series he has written and it drives home a lot of important points in personal finance. Personally I’ve learned that I’m wasteful and disorganized.

Ciaran at Chance Favors scored a great interview with Dylan Ross. In it they discuss fee only financial planning and give some tips for making the switch.

Madison wrote a review of an article on scholarships and financial aid. Everyone with children needs to read this post to help plan for what could be a huge expense.

Jason the Frugal Dad shows us some timely tips on preparing your home for summer energy savings. This is a gem of a post that everyone needs to read. I know I need to follow his advice!

David at The Good Human found a highly disturbing study that wants to infect volunteers with malaria. The catch — you get compensated $4,000. Isn’t that about the average cost of a funeral? No thanks.

Patrick with Cash Money Life writes about Ebates and how to get free money. I think I need to pause for a minute to go check this out!

Once you have some of this free money from those ebates and other sources, perhaps you should use some of it to bless the lives of others. Free Money Finance encourages us to establish a plan for giving. You have a plan for saving, for retirement, and for expenses. Why not have a plan for giving?

Kacie at Sense to Save is expecting special guests and plans to serve a “homemade” restaurant menu to them. I bet they love it and Kacie will love both the experience AND the savings.

Dr. Jacob at Early Retirement Extreme and I would get along just great at a restaurant. He and I both have something we hate about eating in restaurants. No, it isn’t the cheesy music or the fact that every restaurant in the world serves chicken fingers.

Glblguy at Gather Little by Little has written a fascinating post about delayed gratification and how the ability to suppress impulses can be an indicator of later success in life. You really need to read this post. Will that be one marshmallow or two?

If you’re going to delay gratification and put your money into a bank, you might as well pick out a safe one. Five Cent Nickel examines the safest and worst banks. Curious? Check it out!

The Quest for Four Pillars has reviewed Dave Ramsey’s baby steps. This is a nice summary of the big daddy financial guru’s methodology.

Plonkee money reviews a retailer’s excellent customer service. Sounds like the English know how to handle a customer!

Ryan at Uncommon-Cents examines the economics of synthetic motor oil. More miles between oil changes can mean big savings since oil is up over $105/barrel!

Have a great weekend. See you on Monday!

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Thanks for including my article Ron. Enjoy the time with your family!


Thanks for the mention. Ebates won’t make you a ton of money, but every bit of savings helps. As does the $10 sign up bonus! :)

Four Pillars

Thanks a lot for the link!



Ron – Thanks for including my series on budgeting! I hope you get to enjoy some downtime at home. Also, I want to wish you an early congratulations on reaching 500 subscribers! What an accomplishment! I know you are not quite there yet, but you are very close. Way to go! :mrgreen:

Ryan S.@uncommon-cents.net

Hey, Ron, thanks for including my post! This is one of those kind of controversial topics, but I’ve become a big believer in synthetic oil over the last seven years…


@Ryan S.@uncommon-cents.net
You’re welcome Ryan. I keep meaning to give synthetics a try but haven’t so far. I think I may get the dealership to put some in my wife’s car next time.

CiaranFrom Chance

Thanks for the link Ron, must be nice to be home!


Actually, that’s Nickel’s piece, not mine. :-)


Thanks for pointing it out! I added a link to your article on giving.
No excuses on my part. I just didn’t proofread my work closely enough.

Lesson learned!

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