What if YOU were in charge?

by Ron Haynes

If you could direct exactly how your tax dollars were to be used at either the federal, state, or local level, how would you want your legislators to spend them? I know it’s all pooled, but just use your imagination.

Me? I’d like to see mine used for national defense, roads and bridges, and beyond that, I’m not sure, really. Got any ideas?

Leave your wish list in the comments!

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Captain D

I would create a government backed, government issued currency like Lincoln’s greenback. I would pay the interest off to the federal reserve with it, then use the federal notes to pay back the principal. Then I would abolish the federal reserve and use only the debt free, government issued currency. It would be a system similar to the colonial script.


hmmm…definitely looking for/implementing alternative fuels, education, environmental cleanup, infrastructure. This is hard – glad I don’t have to make all the decisions!


1. Health Care for all
2. Education for all, up to and including post-secondary
3. Care for seniors and special needs peoples
4. Programs to promote inclusiveness and anti-racism, anti-sexism
5. Improved environmental programs

Ashley @ Wide Open Wallet

In my mind, all my taxes go towards schools, libraries, and roads.

Frugal Dad

Actually, my federal wish list is comprised of only the things you listed. At that level, the only things tax dollars should be spent for are national defense and limited infrastructure projects (interstate system, rail, etc.). Beyond that, it should be up to the states and local municipalities to tax and spend as they see fit. This was once the plan of a federal system, but somewhere along the way the federal government took over every aspect of our lives.


Government is remarkably complex.

President Obama’s current plans provide a good balance of objectives — and they are listed at http://www.WhiteHouse.gov.

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