What Should I Add To My RSS Reader?

by Ron Haynes

Four years ago, I was bored with the Internet. It seemed like I read and visited the same sites over and over – mostly news and politics with a little weather and stock quotes sprinkled in. I did my taxes via the Internet. I check my bank balance. I bought a few things on eBay but I was very bored with what I was reading on a daily basis. Then I discovered blogs.

I quickly gobbled up these new sources of ideas and information and the Internet was new again. Then I discovered how to use an RSS Reader and suddenly I was really plugged in! New ideas, new posts, and new articles were at my disposal and I loved it … I still do. I quickly gave up the old “bookmarking” or “favorites” practice. A feed reader is much superior.

The great thing about being plugged in to so many people via The Wisdom Journal is discovering new information and new sites, so I’m asking you –

What blogs or sites should I add to my RSS Reader?

Feel free to recommend your own site or someone else’s by leaving a comment. I won’t guarantee that I’ll necessarily add it, but with over 3,000 people reading this site on a daily basis, I’m counting on finding something new, interesting, intriguing, and engaging. I’m looking for sites that update regularly and have well written, relevant content. My site holds a comment for moderation if it contains more than two links, so don’t be alarmed if your comment doesn’t show up right away.

What subjects am I interested in? Primarily those related to financial matters, but I’m also interested in time management, personal development, business and entrepreneurship.

Send ‘em on!

About the author

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The founder and editor of The Wisdom Journal in 2007, Ron has worked in banking, distribution, retail, and upper management for companies ranging in size from small startups to multi-billion dollar corporations. He graduated Suma Cum Laude from a top MBA program and currently is a Human Resources and Management consultant, helping companies know how employees will behave in varying situations and what motivates them to action, assisting firms in identifying top talent, and coaching managers and employees on how to better communicate and make the workplace MUCH more enjoyable. If you'd like help in these areas, contact Ron using the contact form at the top of this page or at 870-761-7881.