What To Do With An Unwanted Gift Card?

Sell it!

For a limited time when a customer sells their unwanted gift cards to Plastic Jungle, they will be entered to win a $500 shopping spree on Plastic Jungle.

Yeah, but how much will they give me for it?

Between March 26 and April 23, 2010, Plastic Jungle will pay up to 92% of the balance of your unwanted gift cards. Wow!

  • Have a $100 gift card to some store you’ll probably never set foot in? SELL IT.
  • Did your grandmother give you a gift card to a store in HER hometown, not yours? SELL IT.
  • Get a cheesy gift card from your ex-boyfriend for Christmas? SELL IT!

And you never know, you might be the one to win that $500!

Use the money any way you wish, but use it wisely!

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